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Zyrone CuaresmaOctober 23, 2017Period 2 Moris Has Fallen…Or Not!In the United Kingdom of Moris, Latin for morals, people live a wonderful life due to the environment and how the political system is set up. The kingdom is also located in a key location for shipping making its economy one of the wealthiest in all of the land. The land is so amazing that visitors from neighboring kingdoms say they love the place and would live there until their death. But as much as how heartfelt that sounds, no one really loves the place more than a fourteenth generation Morisian named Zane. Zane is a thirty four year old martial artist who loves to defeat other people when he’s sparring against them, and he also works at the printing press. He chose to do the printing press because he likes spreading the news out to his fellow citizens and how incredible the kingdom of Moris is. The only thing that he disfavored about his job was that he would already know what to write about because there hasn’t been anything newsworthy since the king’s birthday feast three months ago. But nothing would prepare him for the news he would need to present to the public.It was a frosty and teeth chattering December morning, with people strolling on the streets dressed in heavier clothing than usual, when Zane trekked to work passing by the local market which had some of the best products in the entire kingdom. The market smelled of sweet and ripe produce. The meat section of the market though had the smell of hanging dried cuts of meat and the smell of seasonings that helped preserve the meats.As Zane tried to enjoy the smells of the market through his runny nose, thanks to the cold, he noticed that there were people congregating around a man on top of a stool shouting, “Oust the King! Enough with the corrupt monarchy! We have to take our righteous government back!” Zane quickly went to where the man was to quickly investigate who was the man with the audacity to try to throw a coup and imprison the beloved king. He also wanted to know who the man was because the people of Moris showed deep respect for the king by mostly just calling him “my King.” The people believed that by calling a King by his first name was disrespecting the royal crown and God, who specifically chose the King for the kingdom. When Zane was finally close enough to see who the man was, he saw that it was the King’s own brother, Enory. A lot of questions raced through Zane’s mind, so he decided to get his notebook and pencil out to document the details for the news. As Enory spoke, Zane wrote the words that came directly from Enory’s mouth. Zane kept writing until Enory got out pieces of parchment paper from a giant leather sack. Enory with a deep and loud voice exclaimed, “Behold ladies and gentlemen! These papers right here is the nail to the coffin for where the King shall be put in and buried at! The papers state that the King is planning to raise taxes so that he can build himself another golden palace and to commemorate himself!” And those sentences were just enough to get the citizens’ blood to boil even though it was December. Enory then ended his empowering speech by saying, “Follow me citizens to the palace where that abominable tyrant calls home!” Shouts of “Let’s go!” and “Off with the crown!” were followed as the people marched to the palace.After the people marched to the palace in vexation, Zane murmured to himself with a grin, “This is definitely a story for the century.” Zane then tried to go along with his day until he glanced at a piece parchment paper on the ground. He determined it was from one of Enory’s papers because it had a royal stamp which was used to differentiate royal papers from other papers. He was in exhilaration when he saw that paper because he thought he would be able to add more precise detail to his story than just someone else’s words. Zane stared at the wrinkly yet soft parchment paper and was completely dumbfounded at what he saw. He knew that the documents were fake because of the grammar, the vocabulary that was used, and the pen strokes didn’t seem that of the King’s. “I need to obtain this evidence and tell this to the people and the king,” Zane told himself. But before Zane could do that, an old elderly man walks up to Zane holding a staff on his right hand and wearing a dark red cloak with sandals. People stared at him because it was December and he looked like it was Spring outside. When he finally gets close enough to Zane, he taps Zane on his shoulder. “How can I help you sir?” Zane asked. The elderly man replied in an old but not raspy voice saying, “No son. It is I who need to help you.” Zane was baffled at the old man’s statement. Wanting an answer from the old man, he questioned him by saying, “What do you mean by that?” The old man spotted the confusing look in Zane’s face so he decided to cut to the chase. “My name is Asher and I came from the mountain of magic and wizardry. And I had a vision that an event like this would take place, but there was going to be a savior for the kingdom. That savior is you.” Those words from Asher took a while for Zane to comprehend that he is the chosen one to stop a catastrophic event that would cause the downfall of the powerful kingdom of Moris. The only words that Zane was able to reply was, “Do you I really the savior of the kingdom?” Asher responded by saying that Zane is indeed the savior of the mighty kingdom and with that, Asher put his staff on top of Zane’s head and spoke in a language that Zane couldn’t even understand. Asher kept his staff over Zane’s head and also kept speaking the mysterious language for about thirty seconds. After that, Asher proclaimed that his spell was done. Before Asher had left, he whispered, “Labor omnia vincit.” Asher then quietly left. Zane wondered what all that was about and remembered that he will need to go to work to do his job. But he also had been told he was the one to stop the collapse of the kingdom and thought of the words Asher whispered before he left. He knew what the words meant because he is a polyglot. He then decided that the kingdom was more important than just giving people the same news. With his decision made, Zane ran as fast as he could to the palace.As Zane bolted to the palace, he had to go through forest vegetation and try to fight the frigid cold air going against his face. Those battles with nature were well worth it was he got to the palace though. He had arrived just in time because the King was just getting out of his palace to address the people. “My people, my people! What is the cause of such rowdiness?!” The King exclaimed in a concerned tone. Enory responded back by screaming, “You are the cause my brother! You planned on raising the taxes just so you can build your second palace and statues of yourself!” Zane had heard enough and decided to get closer to the crowd. “Lies! Lies!” Zane yelled from the back while holding the paper he had. Everyone stared back to where Zane was to see who had just yelled. After everyone had seen that it was Zane who yelled, he excused himself through the crowd to go to the front. When he finally got to the front, he resumed speaking by saying, “This man is a liar! He lied to all of you! The King does not plan on raising taxes for his own good!” “That’s right!” The King added. Enory with a frustrated look made a comeback when he screamed, “Are you people just going to believe a corrupt King and some news boy?!” The whole crowd just got quiet after that and looked at each other. Out of the blue, Zane started speaking again but with a somewhat quieter voice. “People! The King and I prevail as innocent. But this monster of a brother deceived you all and deserves to be imprisoned for treason. The evidence is with me here,” Zane pronounced with the parchment paper up in the air. “The words of this document are not of the King’s. They, at all, do not represent the King’s education,” Zane vocalized to the crowd. Enory replied quickly indicating that Zane just wanted to show off his academic talent of knowing more about literature than most people. Everyone in the crowd started muttering and agreeing with Enory. Zane and the the King then had a frightened look on their faces. A person from the crowd spontaneously screamed, “Seize the both of them!” All of the people suddenly went forward to grab the King and Zane. After apprehending the both of them, they were taken to prison.When the King and and Zane were taken to the slammer, the King thanked Zane for his bravery by defying all of Enory’s claims. Zane insisted that it was just simply the right thing to do and it’s his duty as a Morisian to protect the king of the land. The king then asked Zane for his name so he would not forget the name of the man who put another person’s life before his. After getting to know each other for hours, they both  spent the night in the prison trying not to get cold.When the sun was coming up, a voice was discovered by Zane. He tried to sleep it off but he kept hearing it. He finally got up and didn’t find anyone except his royal majesty still sleeping. He looked around for anyone but he only saw a rat standing up and it’s front legs were also up, so it appeared like it was trying to get Zane’s attention. Zane thought that was amusing so he examined the rat and put the rat on the palm of his hand. After thinking for a while, he figured out that it was the rat that was communicating to him. But he thought to himself how could that happen. Finally, he remembered the old wizard named Asher saying he gave him all the assistance he needed to save the kingdom. Just to be sure that it was a gift from Asher and that he’s not losing his sanity, Zane started communicating with the rat. “Can you interpret the words coming from my mouth? Zane asked the rat.”Why yes I can. That is why I attempted to wake you up. The rat answered. “How on Earth can you possibly perceive the words you were saying?” Zane questioned the rat again.”Long story short, a wizard named Asher gave me a message. Now can you please stop asking me questions so I can tell you what I came here to do?” With a skeptical look on his face, Zane told the rat to go ahead and say what it needed to say. The rat laid out a scheme to get Zane and the King out of penitentiary. The King woke up after his slumber to see Zane holding a rat and talking to it. The King asked him if he lost all his sanity after just a night in prison. Zane laughed at the question and told the King he can communicate with the rat. He also told the King that the rat just told him how they are going to escape and prove that they are both innocent. Once someone went to the cell, Zane and the King were in luck because the person had the key to opening their cell. The rat was given its cue to go up the guard’s pants and try to force him to get close enough to either Zane or the King’s arms so they can grab the key to open the cell lock. The scheme went just as planned. The King and Zane got out. But before they left, Zane knocked the guard unconscious to let the rat know it was safe to get out. Zane and the King also switched out their attires so they wouldn’t be noticeable. Alas, they were able to get out of prison! They hurried to go outside and the King claimed he knew a place they could conceal themselves at. Once they saw that they were out, they tried to move as fast as possible to go to the King’s secret safehouse. Surprisingly, they were not noticed by anyone, until the rest of the guards started questioning people after they were aware of Zane and the King’s escape. That’s when they were both noticed because of the clothes they were wearing. The guards know that those clothes are for them to give to prisoners when they do work outside of their prison cells. After being spotted by the guards, Zane followed the King while running from the guards. It seemed like no matter how much they tried to lose the guards, they always knew where they were gong. The chase lasted for a quick two minutes until all of the men got to the forest and the guards got exhausted. When the guards stopped, the King showed Zane their hideout.The hideout was nothing like Zane had pictured in his head. The hideout was somewhere underground in the forest. “I apologize it’s so far,” the King apologized. “Oh it’s nothing to apologize for your majesty. As long as you’re safe, we’re good,” Zane responded. The next nine hours after that, the pair were planning another scheme to expose the lies of Enory.The next day, Zane listened to all different voices from different animals in the forest, thanks to his assistance from Asher. The animals kept making noises and that was enough to awaken Zane from a well rested slumber. The King was also awake but for a different reason. He woke up because it is the day he is going to take his kingdom back. But before he waged war with his brother, he needed more than one ally. He then asked Zane if he could ask the animals if they were willing to help them fight against Enory. The King also announced that if the animals do fight alongside them and they win, he would declare a royal decree stating that it is unlawful to cut any trees from the forest and kill any creature that inhabits the forest. Once the animals were told of that by Zane, they liked what they heard and decided to join the fight. Before Zane and the King went, they first had breakfast by finding what was edible around the forest and consuming it. They both left with the animals to go to where Enory was after they had their fill.Once they were at the city with the animals, the people freaked out and the guards who chased them were trying to capture them but were too frightened by the animals. With a loud voice, the King demanded to know where his brother was. A lady replied to the King by saying that Enory was at the palace making changes. The duo went to the palace and brought the animals with them. After arriving at the palace, they were greeted by the royal guards who were firm on protecting the palace and all who are inside. The King and Zane had no other option but to let the guards get taken out by the four bears with them and so Zane commanded the bears take out the guards. The bears executed their jobs efficiently because the guards were frightened to death. Zane immediately commanded a pack of wolves that came with them to intimidate as many guards they can. They too were very efficient at keeping the guards distracted. Upon hearing all the noises playing out, Enory went to see what was happening. Upon doing so, he was speedily seen by the Zane. “There he is!” Zane uttered while pointing a finger to where Enory was. Zane and the King chased after Enory going back to the room where he came from. Enory was a quick person and got to the room where he locked the door. Although the door was locked, when Zane and the King got there, Zane knew martial arts and was able to kick the door open with his violent kick. When the door was kicked open, Zane and the King discovered guards surrounding Enory as he cowardly stood behind them. “This is the end for your evilness Enory!” Declared the King. Enory exchanged words with his brother by shouting, “Oh really!? You’re the one who fooled everyone in the kingdom!” “I did not fool anyone!”, yelled the King. While the brothers shouted like they were kids who fought over petty things, Zane called for the remaining animals. The remaining animals were  three stags, a hawk, a fox, an owl, and two rabbits. Zane speedily told them to attack the guards when they got to the room. But there were more guards than animals and the guards also had more weapons with them making the mission a lot more complicated. Even though there were more guards, the animals fought ferociously. The remaining three guards were taken cared of by Zane due his martial arts skills and by the King because he grabbed a sword off the wall. The fight between the guards lasted for a few moments until the guards  were left without any weapons. The guards being distracted by animals were corralled to make half a circle and that was just enough to let Zane capture Enory.The time that Enory was captured, he was immediately checked to see if he had more forged documents to make the King look worse to his own people. Shockingly, he had more documents forged and was planning to let the people see how corrupt the King was. Enory was escorted out of the palace by Zane, the King, and the animals. They went directly to the local market where Enory’s lies started to spread.”Gather everyone! Gather!” The King kept shouting as they went to the local market to get everyone’s attention. Everyone readily got quite because of who they saw was speaking to them. “I, with loyal friend here, desperately need to make an important announcement!”, the King vocalized. The King then looked at Zane as if to say he can talk now. Zane was unsure at first but he got the gist that he was suppose to talk. He started by thanking the King and then saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to prove that we are truly innocent.” Then, Zane got the documents that Enory forged while the King was imprisoned. “These here are the documents that the King did not create but the evildoer here fabricated,” Zane vocalized to the onlookers while posing his finger. Enory tried to prove his innocence by yelling back at those claims saying that Zane must’ve been poisoned by a witch or he’s just naturally insane. When everyone was distracted with the feuding trio, a voice called from the back saying that he harbors more evidence to prove that Enory was guilty of treason. Everyone twisted their necks as if they were owls to see who the person was. As soon as everyone saw the person, he asked to go to the front to show them something that will change their views of Zane and the King. Zane was shocked at who the person was once he was at the front. “Asher!?” Zane yelled in a surprising tone. “Yes it is I,” Asher commented back to Zane in his old but not raspy voice. The crowd, including Enory, were quiet to see what the old wizard has in store. Asher looked around to see where he could throw his mysterious powder and start a fire. He found a spot about ten feet away and performed his job. The fire got started and it looked like an inferno rather that a bonfire which the people expected. As the fire lit up, it showed Enory writing all the fake documents on the parchment paper and some of his other dirty deeds. When the fire stopped burning, it was silent until Enory started to speak. “Those things are not true! The three of them seem to be possessed! You people need to lock them up!”, exclaimed Enory. But the crowd seemed to not believe him this time. They knew that a wizard would not help out anyone that was lying or corrupt. A woman from the crowd even yelled, “You lying devil!” A lot of “She’s right!” and “Liar!”  followed after the woman’s comment. The King then cried out, “Qui totum vult totum perdit!” People started to rejoice after they finally knew the truth about Enory. The King afterward told the people to take his brother to the hoosegow and keep him there until he concluded about what kind of punishment Enory will receive.After the townspeople assisted Enory to his rightful place, the people carried on with their day and knew they would be able to relax because the truthful King was back to the throne. Zane and the King also thanked Asher for his work in putting Enory to prison. The wizard just kindly explained that he was already bound to be there. With that, Asher went back to the mountains to live with other wizards. The King then thanked Zane for his heroism by protecting and guarding the King. Zane was also offered to be part of the royal council but he kindly refused the offer saying that he would rather prefer to live a normal life making news for the people. To Zane, it seemed like the best choice, but the King pleaded to Zane that he needs to consider the proposal. With the next few hours, Zane was able to tell the animals to return to the forest knowing they would possess a wonderful future for them and their offspring. The King was also able to get the government and the people back in order. He also made it officially known that the forest and its animals are protected under the Forest Act. When the night closed in, everyone went to their homes and slept comfortably. Zane though stayed up thinking about his adventure and imagined how his life changed. Minutes after thinking about all those things, he finally got fatigued from all the thinking and slept.As Zane woke up the next morning, he thought it was going to be a usual day even though it had been an adventurous few days for the people of Moris. Zane prepared his morning by doing his usual routine and headed for his job going through the bustling streets of the the town. To Zane, going to work seemed like an arrow shoving the air out of its way as it soars the sky. The only difference is that the air doesn’t generate any clamorous noises like people. As he walked through the market though, people started to stare at him and give him free produce. Children even gave him gifts that they made. The King also made an unsuspecting appearance at the market. “My victorious King, what brings you to the market?”, questioned Zane. The King simply responded by saying, “People told me you always walk through here to go to work.” They talked for a bit until the King said that it was time to tell Zane his surprise. The King with his deep but very loud voice projected, “Today, I officially declare it to be Zane day!” The people answered by jeering, clapping, and smiling. The King sensed that Zane loved the surprise because he was smiling in surprise from ear to ear. The King followed that up by saying that a statue of Zane will be erected in the heart of the kingdom. Zane asked how he could repay the King for all of  the surprises but the King said that helping him get his kingdom back from a ruler that would’ve caused it to collapse was already enough. The King was thanked by Zane many times during the day even though the King told him it was enough. The King also heard that Zane is a polyglot so he told Zane, “Nulla tenaci invia est via.” Zane smiled and continued thanking the King. The King afterward commanded Zane to go on with his day at the printing press but Zane had other ideas. Zane told the King that other people need to harbor knowledge to know when they are being deceived by other people and that gave Zane the idea to start a school. Zane explained that the school would teach adults and children on how to see if documents from the royal palace is written by someone else to try and fool the people once again, or if it is really from their beloved King. Zane would teach people when he’s not at the printing press. The King applauded the idea and he compensated Zane for his idea along with his bravery for believing the King. In the end, Zane continued with his job at the printing press and taught the people of Moris.


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