Zimbabwe a once flourishing nation has now turned into a country riddled with poverty and economic strife

Zimbabwe a once flourishing nation has now turned into a country riddled with poverty and economic strife. The unfortunate current state along with the resurrection of this country can only be attributed to one thing: leadership.

For 37 years Zimbabwe has been ruled by the iron fist of its ageing president, Robert Mugabe. His leadership style of dictatorship and coerciveness has ultimately led to his demise along with widespread poverty within this once great nation. His command for immediate compliance by those he led left the people of Zimbabwe helpless to opposing him. Despite all the hardship this nation had to endure the leadership within the army of Zimbabwe realised that change was inevitable. Only decisive steps by the army and the country’s opposing political leaders could overthrow this dictatorship. The joint strength of this leadership put into motion change that would put the interest of the country and its people first. The drive to rebuild this nation’s economy and people were the vision and strength of this leadership.

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Mugabe’s leadership and reign of power lacked the collaboration not only between him and his people but also his leadership. His lack of democratic leadership hampered the growth of the economy which led to its economic ruin. His coercive style of leadership and his inability to unite his people resulted in his own leadership team turning against him. This was evident in the army’s military leadership ousting him from the presidency. Even though the army was temporarily in power of the country this type of leadership would not have long term sustainability for the development of the country. As history has proven to us this would be seen astrading one dictatorship for another. Therefore the sworn in of the ousted Vice President into power was a welcomed choice by all. However, these political leaders because of their close ties to Mugabe and how unconstitutional their methods were of coming into power would need to prove themselves to the nation and the world. Their militant style of leadership would have to be traded in to that of the democratic style.

After much turmoil within Zimbabwe there are finally opportunities for economic growth within the country. Through effective leadership this country can regain its former glory. As the newly elected president appoints his leadership team, all focus should be on how these individuals will contribute to the success of the nation. Past leadership mindsets should be discarded for innovate ideas that would unite and transform this once dynamic country. Opportunities also arise for growth of leadership among the nation. As the economy is set to grow and a democratic government comes into power, individuals will have the platform to grow and develop as leaders. The end of the dictatorship rule heralds the new era of leadership for the people.

Zimbabwe has reached an end of an era of dictorship. Deemoctratic freedom for all signals the new. The leadership entrusted to forge the future of this once desolate nation seems adamant that positive change will take place. This has brought about a new sense of trust in the countries leadership amongst the people of Zimbabwe. This feeling echoes throughout the nation.


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