Yarmouk 64 master’s degree, and 18 PhD Programs in

Yarmouk University ( abbreviated YU ) is a Jordanian public university located in the north of Jordan at Irbid city, 90 km north of the capital Amman, with a total area of 692515.180 square meters it was established in 1976 by Royal Order of King Hussein Bin Talal and has seen great expansion since then. The University consists of 15 faculties with 52 bachelor’s degree, 64 master’s degree, and 18 PhD Programs in arts, science, engineering technology, economics and administrative sciences, shari’a and Islamic studies, education, physical education, law, fine arts, information technology and computer science, archaeology and anthropology, tourism and hotel management, mass communication, pharmacy and medicine. The university also has12 research and career centres, with  45,000 students in all academic programs, In addition, currently around 5,000 international students from 50 different nations.The university is located in the centre of Irbid Shafiq Rshidat Streetfrom the south it’s surrounding with shops, commercial services,  YARMOUK UNIVERSITY MODEL SCHOOL,from the east with AL Hassan youth city and The area of government departments. from the north with a bus stop for 5 bus complex; NORTHERN complex, OLD AGHWAR complex, NEW AGHWAR complex, Amman complex and  AL-SHAIKH KALEEL complex and surrounding with many of restaurants and libraries. From the west with a tenth of restaurants and shops. 6 Gates for the university; two at the EAST, two at the WEST, one at the SOUTH and one at NORTH.The university is located in the centre of the new downtown, which is congested with Malls and government departments. e university has many entrances, where 4 of them is in our interest of this study for its impact on traffic within the scope of our project; university roundabout with 3 leg intersection which links Abdul Qader Al-Tal St. from the East with University street from South and North. Which provide entrance to the University area, students hostel andThsouthern residential area and the road leading to Jerash and Ajloun.Al-Naseem Intersection; four-leg signalized at-grade intersection connecting University street from South and North, Prince Hassan street from East and Prince Muhammad street from West. which provide services to the Shari ‘a Court, the Aydoun area, the Al-Rassam four-leg signalized intersection which connects Prince Hassan street from East and West and Fawzi Al-Mulki street from South and North. which provide links to Aydoun area, AL-Worod  Neighbourhood  and the government department areaMacDonald’s Roundabout, three leg intersection connecting Abdul Qader AL-Tal street from East and West and  Fawzi AL-Mulki street from the north linking between government department area and the shopping centres. 


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