Writing had to be careful of not using racist

    Writing an argumentative essay has been easy for me because I can choose a topic I’m familiar with, and as young as I could remember, arguing has been a strong topic or expression for me. Writing an argumentative essay helps me improve my critical thinking skills because I have to break down the part of my logical thinking, discovering error from each side and coming up with the better solution or conclusion to my preferred side. (Nwaka) My favorite argumentative essay from this course was about should the government provide the fund for free education to students in colleges and universities. It was a heated topic and I genuinely enjoyed writing it because I had to take perspective from both sides.     The kind of writing that I often struggle is writing a commemorative essay because it is a style of essay that I was never familiar with it. When I was still in middle or high school, I used to write a biography of a certain famous or popular person. On the other hand, writing a commemorative essay is harder and also requires you to give an opinion of why you choose to write about him or her. Furthermore, a few days ago, while I was writing a commemorative essay about Eminem, and I often became unfocused and went off topic because there were countless details and information about his career and his personal life.     I always have been unsure of writing a research paper because, throughout this ENGLISH COMP course, I wrote a paper about prohibiting Marijuana to harass African-Americans and I really struggled while writing it. The reason I struggled was that there were many stories and events connected to the prohibition. I had a tough time trying to figure which topics were related and appropriate for my paper. Another challenge was I had to be careful of not using racist words like black and N word. Additionally, it was tough and took quite a time to research about the past events relating to the prohibition.     The part of the writing process I most enjoy is creating an introduction and a thesis statement. Because I want to write an introduction that hooks my reader attention and convinced them to read the article. On the other hand, the most arduous process for me was organizing or creating a pattern of my essay because I often used to misplace the topics and points. The process I spent the most time as a writer is writing a conclusion and, while I write my conclusion, I want my conclusion to be as simple and few words as possible. I would prefer to spend more time on creating the body paragraph because it’s a paragraph where all the valuable information is stalled, and I want my body paragraph to provide necessary information to satisfy the audience.     In my opinion, the kind of writing I anticipate doing the most in college is research essay because, most of the students will spend most of their time in college researching a topic, event or information related to their own major and individual assignments. The writing I would assume doing after college would be creating your own portfolio because after graduating, you must apply for jobs, you are going to write a resume to show your abilities and achievements over your past years.    Considering my future, I will be an engineer. To continue as a writer, I would often write emails to persuade or negotiate with my business partners and customers. Writing feedbacks to my employees ‘reports, replying customers ‘questions and needs. If I became a successful engineer, I would write my own biography and describe how I started the business and share my achievement and failures, and sell it as books to help people walk on the right path and to avoid the mistakes I made.  


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