Women and did her post graduation in English at

Women are the victims
in the hands f the Indian patriarch families. The status of women folk in India
is presented before us as a never ending torture and their constant struggle
against exploitation in the hands of male dominant environment. The women is invariably
pushed back into her expected gender roles as wife, cook, embroider, etc. women
face discrimination right from their childhood and especially girls are forced
to be home – bound and shy. According to the Indian tradition a women must make
the marital home pleasant for her husband and in – laws. She is used as an
unpaid laborer for cooking meals, cleaning greasy dishes, washing dirty clothes
and taking care of their children in addition to their husband and in- laws.
They were never allowed to enquire about money or property and they were never
included in any discussions. India believes in traditional values and it is
deep rooted in the society. Still today, Indian society is organized around
gender bias and it gives more importance and space to male dominance.

ManjuKapur is an
emerging Indo – Anglican fiction writer born in Amristar in 1948. She was educated
in India and Canada and was a professor of English at Miranda House in New
Delhi and did her post graduation in English at Dalhousie University, Canada. Manjukapur
started her carrier only with poetry and then shifted to drama and eventually
finding her forte is novel writing, she turned into a novelist and also
succeeded in that. Kapur’s preoccupation with the female revolt against deep –
rooted family values and the institution of marriage is brought throughout her
novels.  The novels manifest women’s struggle
for emancipation from economic, political and social bondages.  Manjukapur shot into fame with her debut novel
“Difficult Daughters”, which won her the prestigious Commonwealth Eurasia
Region Award. The research paper explores the traumas suffered by the women
characters in the male dominated patriarchal society in India, with reference
to ManjuKapur’s “A Married Woman”, her second novel. “A Married Woman” is a
well balanced depiction of a country’s inner development and the anguish of a
woman’s unrest to choose between her modern feminist awakening and the ancient family responsibilities. Manjukapur not only
describes the plight of woman in the joint family, but also their sacrifices
for the family.

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