Within product lines, most of this divisions are acknowledged

Within the natural and organic
cosmetics market there are many subcategories, divided by type of ingredients
and production process, as it is shown in the Table 1. While customers have
barriers differentiating “green” product lines, most of this divisions are
acknowledged only in the B2B area. The categories may be summarized:

Classic cosmetics represent the
majority of the market share and can be classified as all products, that are
not related to the segment of natural cosmetics.

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Nature-inspired brands cover large
market share, because such products can still be associated with health, while
are not supposed to meet certifications, guidance and standards. Mostly it can
be marketing differentiation from classic cosmetics by presence of minimal organic
or herbal ingredients.

Natural and organic cosmetics
segment include wild range of white label products with “Free from…” mark,
production of those was changed from chemicals use to eco-friendly conditions,
but still don’t answer the criteria of certified natural cosmetics. In
addition, the brand distributed exclusively in health food and organic products
stores, are also included in this category.

Certified natural and organic
cosmetics includes all products that meet the standards criteria and requirements.
These products can not contain in ingredients list any synthetic chemicals such
as aluminum salts, phthalates, petrochemical and parabens.

Non-certified cosmetics include
dominantly young or local brands, concentrated on design, marketing and quality
of the product. Having in-house reviews or private labels, most of the brands
bear different quality seals and control marks, which however are not meeting
general certification standards.

Semi-natural cosmetics category
reflects brands, that are concerned about materials used and sustainability
aspects, but are not able to provide the transparency of their processes or


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