Within all forms of documentation

Within all forms of documentation, choice of language is key in order to convey purpose, meaning and how you want your document to be received by the reader. Using good language skills primarily show off a good level of professionalism and astuteness. Using poor, colloquial language will put your reputation as a trustworthy business at risk. It will also imply nonchalance towards the subject you are writing about which business associates and/or clients could use against you, should a disagreement occur.
Considering an appropriate ‘tone’ for each given email is imperative due to the fact that it will give the reader a strong indication of the how important and relevant the document is. When speaking to colleagues, it is important to adopt a polite tone as it is necessary that you retain a good working relationship with your colleagues. However the tone of your document may change if you a requesting something or reminding someone of something. The tone of a document gives the reader the biggest indication of what the writer is hoping to achieve from writing the document in the first place. Typing in Italics as well as certain forms of punctuation is another way that tone can be brought across in written form.


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