Why homework should be banned

Why homework should be banned!
Is homework taking up too much of your time? If so or even if out of your own curiosity I thought why not show you research about the topic and find out if its actually bad for you. In the next few paragraphs you will learn why homework is bad for you. I think homework should be banned because I know a lot of people that homework interferes with the family and it can also end up hurting the student in the future.
How does homework interfere with the family? Homework can interfere with family by spending too much time on it and it can create a ruckus. I know from experience that it can because my little sister fights with my parents about doing it. I read in an article that it can “create conflict in the family” (Atwater 10). This supports my answer by saying it causes conflict because my sister and parents are almost every day arguing about homework and I did too, I still do sometimes. “Some kids when they get home have so much homework they can’t even have a minute of free time. It is hard for the student to not have family time” (supersilver69, debate.org ). That also supports my answer by proving that people/students spend more time on homework than with their own family in some cases. That’s why I always try to avoid homework and do it when I have free time in school.

How can homework actually end up hurting you? I know from experience that it can end up hurting you by creating bad working habits and some kids I know lose sleep because of homework. I read that “people learned their bad habits early, but not in the classroom. In the classroom, there was the potential to avoid doing work but there were also proportional repercussions. They learned these habits at home, where there was no immediate punishment for procrastination” (Atwater, 4). This means that some students create bad working habits like bad math cause if your parents don’t know what to do your kinda stuck and you try to solve it by yourself and are like oh I get this but you end up being wrong and it’s hard to break the habit ect. “I have stayed up until about 12 maybe later, a few times because of homework.” (Ferreira, own experience). This proves that students can lose sleep because of homework and them not wanting to get a bad grade because of them not doing it or doing a bad job on it. Thats another reason why I try so hard to avoid homework.
Wherefore from a teacher/staff point of view homework is good for you. They might say that because it is a way to study for tests/quizzes. “I have been told this in the past by multiple teachers” (Junka, own experience). I say this because sometimes it does end up helping you but like I said it could hurt you too. So I think teachers should think about it before they give student homework and how it might harm them.

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