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Why cant i focus we are always surrounded by phones tablets and laptop we check email scroll down before going to bed and first thing in the morning after waking up. No wonder that in this mode it becomes difficult for us to focus. indeed the inability to concentrate has become a problem for many people. Of course problems with the focus can be caused by other reasons but these are the most common reasons- 1. Social networks many people at work remain in the status of online in social networks. this of course distracts from the work and prevents you from focus. avoid social networking when you are working. Psychologists have proved that we cannot do two things at the same time. We just jump between two works. 2. E-mail email distracts our attention more than we imagine. in fact most office workers check mail every 5 minutes. in the meantime such as checking emails distracts us from the main business. as a result its really hard for us to focus. The solution to this may be a new habit to check the mail every 15-30 minutes. 3. Mobile phone many people have a habit of checking their mobile phone every 10 minutes. and so many people carry their phone even in the toilet. Of course it distracts you from your real problems. Do not carry it with you everywhere. do not answer calls after 9 pm. Do not answer unfamiliar numbers on weekends. do not take the phone with you to the kitchen during lunch or family dinner etc. 4. Stress stress is the part of our life; our schedules are so busy that all the time we have lots of things to think. It makes us stressed and sometimes angry also. Ofcourse you cannot stop working so try to eliminate the cause of stress. Dont create stressful situations for yourself like meetings without break promises that you cannot fulfill etc. Manage time for yoga and meditation. 5. Lack of sleep lack of sleep can cause many health problems like diabetes problems with the skin depression and many more. Due to lack of sleep it may be difficult for us to focus. experts have found that lack of sleep negatively affects the work of the brain including focus. If you are not taking enough sleep then you will be always tired. If you are tired then next day you cant work properly you cant focus on your work. Take a good 6-7 hours of night sleep. It is important to sleep on time because if you sleep after 12 and wake up at 8 in the morning it is will the same stressful morning. It is advisable to go to sleep at about 10 p.m. And should try to wake up early in the morning.


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