Whether shootings. The most frequent type of events depicted

Whether it’s a film, news, newspaper or TV shows, the media misrepresents
mental illness, if we do not have prior knowledge about mental illness, the
information we know about this issue is mainly from the media. It is a proven
fact the mass media is one of the public’s primary sources of information.

Research also indicates that the information about mental illness are
stereotypical, negative or wrong, meaning many peoples understanding of those
with psychological disorders turn out to be negative or inaccurate. These ideas
are created by glossing over a few sentences of a newspaper or by watching Tv. Some
forms of media misrepresent people with mental illness as criminal or violent,
or that people with mental illnesses can’t recover, furthermore some movies
portray them as if they look different than others or that people with mental
illnesses are childish and silly.

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            A common
news headline about mental illness, involves a violent crime in which an
innocent person is killed by a by someone with mental illness. The articles tend
to be full of graphic descriptions, and represents the mentally ill person as someone
lacking a social identity who is dangerous, aggressive and irrational. News
coverage of mental illness and social violence focus on gun violence and mass
shootings. The most frequent type of events depicted were gun violence events
generally and, more specifically, family violence events, mass shootings, and
school shootings. An article posted by Human Events titled “Guns don’t kill
people, the mentally ill do”, is an article about the Virginia tech shooter
Seung-Hui Cho who shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others. Seung-Hui
Cho was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder as a child and placed under
treatment, however the headline of this article is presented in a way that
makes it look like the main cause of gun violence is mental illness which is
proven to be false, according to MentalHealth.org people with mental illness
are not violent and only 3%-5% of violent acts can be attributed to individuals
living with a serious mental illness, in addition people with mental illnesses
are 10 times more likely to be a victim of a crime.


often use mentally ill peoples to focus away from gun control, despite the fact
that there is no evidence suggesting mentally ill people should be a major
focus of the gun control debate. Whenever there are mass shooting politicians
go to excuse is the person is mentally ill and that’s why they committed that
crime. President Trumps response to the Texas mass shooting perfectly depicts
this. Right after the shooting President Trump had a press conference which was
streamed across the world on news medias and talked about on major news platforms
like CNN. “This is a mental health problem at the highest level. It’s a very,
very sad event.”, said the president of the united states  during his first public remark since the
shooting, he made this statement without any concrete evidence suggesting that
the shooting was caused by the shooters metal state. When the president of the
united states jumps to this assumption it supports the stigmatization of people
with mental disorders who commit only a small portion of acts of violence in
this country.


The portrayal of mentally ill persons in movies and
television programs these Movie stereotypes that contribute to the stigmatization
of mentally ill persons has an important and underestimated influence on public
perceptions of their condition and care. A recently released film “split” is
movie about a man that suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Actor James
McAvoy plays a character with 24 different personalities that kidnaps and
torments three girls. Contrary to the character in this movie people with dissociative
identity disorder are very unlikely to be violent in fact they more likely to
hurt themselves than hurt other.  These negative perceptions surrounding
mental health disorders can prevent people from seeking because they may have
concerns about it could negatively impact their career, education, or other
life goals.


            In conclusion,








































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