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When psychologist first looked at athletes personalities ,their aim was to understand the effect personality traits of the athlete may have on their performance and outcomes. Eysneck and cattell were two of the first theorists that argued, personality traits were mainly inherited, that they are fairly stable and predictable aspects of our personalities. They claimed that there are two main aspects to personality. Theses are an introversion – extroversion dimension, and a stable – neurotic dimension. Generally speaking no person is completely an introvert or completely an extrovert.  Although every introvert and extrovert is different, most share certain traits and challenges.Introverts often tend to be individuals who don’t seek excitement and attention, they tend to be people who would rather be in calm environments. They often prefer tasks that require a fairly high level of concentration, and dislike the unexpected.  Some may argue that introverts may have higher than normal level of arousal and therefore don’t need need additional stimuli or excitement to function at a high level or perform well. However on the other hand extroverts tend to be described as  chatty and talkative, very sociable, enjoy action. They are normally enthusiastic, friendly, and out-going.  On the other hand some traits can be seen as negative, because they are sometimes described as attention-seeking, may be easily distracted, and don’t normally like to spend much time alone.Extroverts tend to become bored quickly, they may not perform well at tasks that require a lot of concentration and will often try to seek change and excitement.  Theorists tend to believe extroverts may be less responsive to pain than introverts, but that they tend to be more successful in sporting situations . This may be because they can cope with the pressure of competition, attention and other distracting situations better than introverts do.  Stable individuals are people who tend to be more easy-going and even tempered. Neurotic or unstable people tend to be more restless and excitable. Theorists believe they have a tendency to become anxious, and are more highly aroused.  It is also believed that the athletes who are in the unstable neurotic category have high levels of arousal at the beginning of a performance, and this could have a negative affect , which could lead to lower levels in performance. However many theorists conclude that trait views are too basic, and that personality alone doesn’t not predict success in a sporting environment. It can, however, be used to help explain why individuals choose certain sports. It is widely believed that athletes who are considered to be Introverts tend to play or participate in individual sports such as cross country running or golf. This may be because they don’t crave excitement, high levels of stimulation and attention. Extroverts on the other hand are often drawn towards team sports that are action packed, such as rugby and football. Psychologists think extroverts are attracted to these types of sports because they have high levels of stimulation and excitement, with changing environments. This may be what keeps the extrovert interested in the sport.


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