When guide for help, which would help save allot

it comes to software installation, you won’t be able to use an installation
disk and you’re done without any faults. Like in life, to do something you have
to prepare to make sure what you’re doing does what is needed. When it comes to
software, you can do basically anything with it as long as it is written within
the line of many codes within the program. All pieces of Software come in
different levels of difficulty from simple to complex, similarly this also
applies to upgrades as they can also come in different sizes. 

preparing an installation for a business or even for personal use, there should
be a sequence of activities someone should do before the installation has
started. Before the installation has started, the person in charge would need
to check the requirements to see if the computer is compatible with the
software itself. IF the computer isn’t compatible with the software then a
number of faults could happen and may even ruin the computer.

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software and update packages vary in many different sizes. Naturally the larger
software’s are the longer to install, however customers will be more likely to
be satisfied with the product due to the software having more things to do
within it. Likewise with an update, the larger the update the longer
installation process. 

making the installation the company or person installing software must make
sure that they have the correct materials in hand like installation guides and
license keys because if the person installing the software becomes stuck for
some reason they will be able to refer back to the installation guide for help,
which would help save allot of time instead of the person searching for answers
and possibly finding none.

timing of the installation would be an important factor to a company or to an
individual, reason being is because the best time for a company to do an
installation is when no one is in the company building and most of their many
employees are at home with their families, this would mean that the system will
be free to be able to install a software without over working its self or
stopping employees from working. 

after an installation has happened there could be a few things that might
happen which are changing of mind to not have the software on the system,
software didn’t install properly or software corrupted other software files and
file locations. The plan is to back out without ruining the system and
reversing any changes that happened though the installation. On occasions
software can cause a computer to malfunction, causing the computer harm and
other times you may just want to feel peace of mind knowing that the software
is completely gone.

an organisation people will be working in different departments from each other
and each department that have rights access to different things. Everyone
cannot be able to have access to everything as this would be a huge flaw and a
breach within the security that may lead to a huge incident happening which may
end up as employees selling information or abuse their permissions. 


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