When get the desired end look. As shown in

the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, animation and computer-generated
images (CGI) had not been invented. There were no blue/green screens, just
practical special effects and the skill of artists who would paint the
backgrounds of scenes with remarkable detail. The technique is known as matte
painting and is still used today. It involves creating a life-like backdrop
that is then placed behind the foreground. Industrial Light and Magic is one of
the leading special effects companies in the world. The company invented
technology such as special computer-controlled camera rigs in order to create
the special effects for Star Wars (1977). George Lucas (the director) used old newsreels to cut
together footage of World War II dogfights (aerial battles between fighter
aircrafts) to give them ideas for the type of sequences he wanted. Industrial Light
and Magic eventually matched the sequences frame by frame directly to the
footage George Lucas had provided. A special effects designer, John Dykstra, constructed
robots and spaceship models from scratch. Computer-animation artist Larry
Cuba created the footage using a photo of a matte painting of the Death Star and
photos of the pieces used to line the Death Star’s trench in close-up as a reference.
He used a minicomputer, which was a PDP 11/45 and had just 16K of RAM, attached
to a vector-graphics system. The vector-graphics system allowed the computer to
draw only lines on a monochromatic display.

am really impressed that four decades ago, they were able to create a movie that
had phenomenal special effects without the advanced technology that we have
today. I feel that this is equally as creative at modern special effects because
it must have taken so much skill and talent on the artists behalf to create
everything. Plus, they didn’t have the technology that we have today to aid in
the making of the special effects. So, I feel that the artists had to be
especially creative to figure out how to get the desired end look. As shown in
the pictures, I could tell that the whole crew worked really hard to ensure the
success of the movie. This film was so iconic when it was released in 1977
because the special effects just blew people away. It was unlike anything
people have seen during that time.

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