When Bhoomaraddi college of Engineering and Technology, India. Coding

When I first heard about Machine
learning, I thought it is just a way of programming, until time I came across google
map’s suggestion of a faster route in traffic and Uber cab’s price surge during
peak hours. Deeply inspired by the capabilities of the algorithms and the way
they could be used, lead me follow a path of expanding my skills in this sphere.

            Looking back on my school days, the
notion of my mother considering a child with a high score in mathematics as
intelligent lead a strong basis for my analytical and logical abilities as well
as win awards in various Science and Math competitions. Topping the school in
10th grade led me choose Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and
Statistics to major during my pre-university courses which further enhanced my problem-solving

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Deeply fascinated by programming
classes which I underwent during my vacations and zest for exploring new vistas
of knowledge inspired me to choose the field of Computer Science for my
undergrad education at B. V Bhoomaraddi college of Engineering and Technology,
India. Coding never made me feel exhausted. “For” loops and “conditional
statements” swirled around my eyes until a solution was found. My interest in
programming not only fetched me awards at National and International level
competitions like Infosys Aspirations, ACM ICPC, but also gave a room to
improvise my skills in performance and memory usage. Subjects like Operating
system, Computer Organization and Compilers educated me with the underlying principle
that a computer is built upon. My flair for these courses, coupled with
instructions from eminent professors helped me in getting Outstanding (S) and
Excellent (A) grades and stand among the top 5 in the class.

Being the first person in my
department to get a job offer gave me enough time to get involved in
extracurricular activities like helping for the placement drive and getting
connected with entrepreneurs on the design of their new products. Grabbing the
opportunity to carry out an internship at Informatica, helped me learn Data
integration tools like Power center and B2B.

In this modern technological world,
quality of data gains the top predominance. My work at Informatica on data
quality facilitated me to learn the importance of correctness and conformity of
the data. My involvement in the Product information management sphere availed
me to comprehend data management across various channels. My enthusiasm
accompanied with proficiency in programming and database enabled me to handle
the projects at client locations in Hong Kong, Germany and some of the cities
in India. My goals aligning with Informatica’ s objectives of customer success
exalted me as a trusted advisor bagging 5/5 ratings and awards. My expertise on
the tool and capabilities of programming additional features helped me carryout
training programs for the new hires and partners.

To walk hand in hand with the
cutting-edge technology requires constant burning of the midnight oil. I feel that Master’s
degree would give me a lamplight to travel in that direction of advancements.
With my logical abilities and skills in designing algorithms and data analytics,
I am now looking forward to gain in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence ultimately following a path to ease the day-to-day activities.
UC Davis being one of the top universities in these fields, I strongly feel
that the courses offered will help me nurse my aspiration and give me an
opportunity to contribute to the ongoing research activities.

I am aware of the
high expectations and dedication that the University requires. Carrying the
bucket full of experience, I feel confident that I would be able to meet the
requirements to spearhead innovations with enthusiasm and hard work. As the
graduate program in UC Davis aligns with my career goals, I am very much
excited to be a part of your institution.


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