What tourist’s original dollar (“Economic and Sociocultural Impacts of

What is your careful point when you visit other countries? The world has been experiencing globalization, so people who visit other countries for tourism are increasing. Actually, I heard that people were easy to move other countries because subways, planes and vessels are developed. Also, people were difficult to get on a plane because a fee of plane is expensive. However, LCC (Low Cost Carrier) was generated recently, and tourists became used it. Tourism affects the society of each country, but the effect on host community and environment are bigger. This essay will talk about the both sides opinion of tourism’s effects.

 On the one hand, the benefits of tourism are big for society. Tourism will change the economy because of the income creation and employment generation. Money spent by tourists generates income multiple times over the original spending. This is called “multiplier effect”. Tourism; particularly international tourism helps the economy of a country with a number of multiple of the tourist’s original dollar (“Economic and Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism”, 2013). Also, several types of business employs large number of people and provides a wide range of jobs, which are intended from unskilled to highly specialized one. Then, there are other supporting industries, small and large, which in turn, cater to the needs of tourism industries directly, or indirectly providing and supplying the requirement of the tourists (“Economic and Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism”, 2013). In fact, Beppu has many Japanese style hotels for tourism because it has a lot of hot-springs, so there are many workers to work in hotels. It can say that Beppu use attractions well. Therefore, the development of tourism is useful in the area, and it can decrease the unemployed people. The skill and ability of people are different, but the business of tourism can wide jobs, so it can help several people even handicapped people.

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 On the other hand, the host community and the environment have some troubles because of the tourism. Tourism development can generate employment, and create income of each person. However, it can say to increase tourism facilities, accommodation, and restaurants, and it can connect environmental disruption. For example, construction of ski resort accommodation and facilities frequently requires clearing forested land. Coastal wetlands are often drained and filled due to lack of more suitable sites for construction of tourism facilities and infrastructure. These activities can cause severe disturbance and erosion of the local ecosystem, even destruction in the long term. In addition, development of marinas and breakwaters can cause changes in currents and coastlines. Furthermore, extraction of building materials such as sand affects coral reefs, mangroves, and hinterland forests, leading to erosion and destruction of habitats. Overbuilding and extensive paving of shorelines can result in destruction of habitats and disruption of land-sea connections (such as sea-turtle nesting spots) (p.4, “United Nations Environmental Program”). Also, trampling and alteration of ecosystems by tourist activities are big problems for the host community. This is because tourists using the same trail over and over again trample the vegetation and soil, eventually causing damage that can lead to loss of biodiversity and other impacts. Such damage can be even more extensive when visitors frequently stray off established trails. For example of alteration of ecosystems, the Wider Caribbean Region, stretching from Florida to French Guiana, receives 63,000 port calls from ships each year, and they generate 82,000 tons of garbage. About 77% of all ship waste comes from cruise vessels. The average cruise ship carries 600 crew members and 1,400 passengers. On average, passengers on a cruise ship each account for 3.5 kilograms of garbage daily – compared with the 0.8 kilograms each generated by the less well-endowed folk on shore (p.5, “United Nations Environmental Program”). Thus, tourism does not only have good effect, but also it has bad effect like the environmental disruption and loss of satisfied life. Several things will break out for our recreation if we are not careful, but it can solve by people try to be careful.

 In conclusion, tourism has the effects of good and bad. The development of tourism gives impacts to the area’s economy, and the life of people will become convenience because transportation system is improved, and several facilities are built. However, it can connect environmental disruption, and the host community’s people may not be able to live like until now. In addition, we may have never seen beautiful place and view, and tourists are also difficult to visit. Tourism gives many benefits in society. However, it has some problem of host community and environment. I think tourists should obey the rule of each country, and try to keep beautiful place. It will not be able to solve if each person does not try to be hard. I hope individual persons understands each country, and tourism and local people become comfortable.

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