What to go there after death is if you

What is agnosticism and
why did I choose this topic? Agnosticism or agnostics are the people who doubt
and question the existence of God until it is proven otherwise. They are people
who are unable to find sufficient proof that god actually exists, the word
agnostic comes from the greek word “agno: which means no knowledge or I do not know.
Agnostics believe that man was born with one life and they should live
according to their own morals and values , they do not belivein in the afterlife
,what we call heaven or hell ,they belive in scientific methods,being an
agnostic does not prevent you from anything of value ,

I chose this topic
because I am a skeptic person in nature and I do not know what to think about
religion or god. Ever since we are born we are made to believe in a concept
that is called God whether you are christan ,Muslim or any religion you come
from, we were not given a choice to choose our own religions ,as a child our
minds were not that developed or we were not experienced enough in life to know
what to believe in, we listened and believed everything that our parents or our
schools have thought us, as we grow up we become more curious beings , we want
to make sense of things that’s might seem a little illogical or does not really
add up in our minds. We were given the perception of heaven and hell , heaven
being portaraid as this beautiful, peaceful colorful place where birds sing and
the angels dance, and the only way to go there after death is if you have
followed the orders or the commandments of the holy book, as for hell it is
described as this prison of fire and evil the place you go to after death if
you’re a wrong doer and have not been an obedient follower of your religion or
your God.

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We have always pictured
God as a bearded man in the clouds waiting to torture or gift us for what we
have done in life

But what is God almighty?
they say “he’ is the creator of this universe and that god is good , if god is
good then why has he created all this evil in this world ,why has he created,
killers , rapists , wars, disasters and sicknesses in the first place?

What has a 3 years old done
or seen from this world to deserve a sickness as bad as cancer, what sins has
this child committed to live a life full of pain and agony?

And how come so many
children and innocent people die In war all around the world? Where is god then
? why arnet their prayers being heard? Isn’t he supposed to be our savior and

And why do we call god
by he ? why not she ? why not it? Who has seen the way that God looks?


History of agnostics

Agnosticism is nothing new,
it goes back to thousands of years to the roman school , back then they called
it skeptics,the word was first invented by Thomas Huxley in 1869,who said that
it is wrong for a man to say that they are certain about a truth unless they
can provide a valid and a logical evidence. Huxley did not deny god ,he said
that God is beyond the knowledge of man.

The father of agnosism
,The greek philosopher phystogrus who was knows to be the most gifted between
the sophists, who has written a book about the gods and later indicted for
blasphemy ,he belived that there is no absolute religion , morality or justice
,he belived that if he is unable to reach to the knowledge of gods its because
they either exist or they do not exist and he thinks that the human life is too
short to reach to full knowledge about the gods and just like scientific
knowledge grows ,then why doesn’t our knowledge about the gods grow?


 David hume a scotish philosopher who is knows
for his philosophy of empiricism and skepticism and a firm believer in the cause
and effect,he blived that whatever exists must have a  reason for existence and that it is
impossible for it to produce itself, and if the universe was existed through
god then where did god exist from? And that nothing can come from nothing Which
is a valid question that most people are afraid to ask,a question that is too
taboo or offensive to be asked.    

Another famous agnostic
philosopher was Emmanuel kant , Kant stated that wecan not know such things as
the self , the world or God , that these ideas were created based on our
experiences and just because they are ideas they do not necessarily exist,
critisising the belief of the Christian philosopher Descartes who says: because
we have the idea of God then God must exist.s

How does the bible
prove that god exists ?

Agnostics believe that the
bible was not  written by God, it was a
book that was written long time ago and you cannot know who wrote it originally
and it has gone through so many changes and rewritten so many times that most
of its meanings had been lost in translation, after all, wasn’t the bible
written by humans? And men decided what to include in it, therefore how can we
be sure everything written in the holy bible are actually true and that the
idea of  God is not just a human
creation? We cannot deny that the holy bible holds moral teachings but if you
read the Old Testament the book is filled with stories about war and killings? And
I find that very contradicting since the bible is known to be the book of love,
peace and tolerance.

Agnostics do not
believe that Jesus was the son of god althought they admire his teachings 


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