What services or items. This world create innovation which

would the world be like without money?

world without money would be an, in my opinion, a simpler world, individuals
would have to survive based on necessity and not desires.  This would cultivate an environment where
individuals could not be selfish. Individuals in this world would leave occupations
of high status to lead simpler lives to survive. It forces individuals to find
and learn occupations in which they could barter their services or items. This
world create innovation which would lead to the betterment of society, money
currently hinders most people dreams and ambition there are many people in the
world who could contribute to the betterment of society if the money simply was
not an option. doctors and scientist would be able to find new and innovative
treatment for ailments without the concern of funding, research would be done,
and cures would be found simply for the well-being of society.” Take away the
money and creative thinkers can share all they want. The more they share and
the more rapidly we grow as a society” (Gunko,2016).

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 In a
world, without money, people’s daily stresses of money would disappear, because
there would be no nerve-wracking thoughts of debt payment. “When tied to money,
stress may be overwhelming”( Mendoza,2017).Without money in the world
communities would become more close-knit creating their own small economies
where everyone has specific tasks and provide specific services based on
skillset and what they provide to the community, therefore this environment would
allow families to spend more time together and cultivate relationships with
their fellow neighbors to survive an thrive as a family and community. In this
world without money people would be more likely to reduce waste in the
environment and more inclined to recycle. Reducing waste would benefit everyone
in a world without money not only being helpful to the surrounding environment
but it would cultivate innovation causing people to reuse items they would
normally throw out. 

 In a
world, without money, the education system would have to change. Schools would
have to move from the traditional ways of doing business and cultivate an
environment that allows students to find what their natural talents and mature
that talent into a tradable skill to become productive and contributing members
of society, specifically if a student had a green thumb he or she would come a
farmer or a botanist. Outside of cultivating natural talents schools would have
to teach survival skill basics like hunting, fishing, gathering and bartering
techniques to prepare students for a world without money. 

What would a person have
to do to trade?  To get food, clothing,
and shelter?

            In a world without money people
would have to trade other goods or services to get other goods or services.
that can happen many ways. First people could trade each other for edible
goods, for instance, Joe has apples and Jane has oranges. Mary would like some
of joe’s apples and Joe would like some of Mary’s orange the two would come up
with a fair-trade value of the two items and trade each other for them making
it a successful transaction. Another way trade could happen is the exchange of
services, for example, Tom is a carpenter in his community, Tim is a mechanic
in the same community. Tim needs a carpenter to some home repairs, Tom needs
repairs done to a vehicle these two would agree to terms on what needs to be
done for one another and exchange each other expertise to fulfill each others’
requests.                                      Goods
could also be exchanged for services, for example, Joe needs services done to
his house and vehicle joe would seek out Tim and Tom too for their skillset
since Joe does not have a trade skill like Tim or Tom joe would have to trade
his apples for their services. Joe reaches a deal with Tim, however, Tom does
not like apples. So, Joe proposes to trade his orange to get an agreement met
with Tom. Trading things in a world without money throughout time would grow
more complex throughout time, people would have to learn to give and take relationship
with everyday items and have understood that some of these items they would
acquire throughout time could be beneficially bargaining tool in later and more
complex trades of goods or services.


How big would our economy

            In a world without money, the
economy would be broken down into many smaller economies for a world without
money to work. Communities would have to become their own self-driving
economies. Anything else might be impractical. It is easier to trade your
neighborhoods for goods or services versus states, countries, and continents.
Anything larger than communities trading with other communities would drive
people to create some form of money as a simpler means of trade to create
convenience and avoid conflicts. 

Could we be as wealthy
today without the use of money?

            In a world, without money, we could not be as wealthy as we are
today. Economies would be smaller people consumers and markets would be much
less than what they are now. A big corporation would go from having a global
reach to community-based. Communities would become more self-reliant with
people in surrounding areas to exchange goods and services. Certainly, people
like farmers with land would be rich with resources, however, they would be
less wealthy in a world without money. 



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