What Growing up in foreign, poverty-stricken area near the

What makes a person successful? Through my lens, the most important characteristics are drive and dedication. My drive came to me as a young child. Growing up in foreign, poverty-stricken area near the eastern coast of China, I could see the mold-covered houses falling apart, but one outstanding issue that rose above all others was the healthcare system. Whenever either me or my sister got sick, my grandma had to carry us for almost an hour just to get to the nearest hospital, and when we arrived, it was always overcrowded, but in the end, although it was not immediate, I always felt better. As I grew older, the hospital setting intrigued me more than ever. My primary motive was no longer getting that newly released Ultraman comic book after each hospital visit. Instead, I wanted to know what was in the needle that I so deeply despised that made me feel better. But when I asked my grandma, she just shook her head and laughed “Ni zhang da jiu dong le”, meaning “You’ll understand when you get older”. When I persisted, she would say it was “magic”. This was the same routine no matter how many times I asked. What confused me even more was when the doctor said the same thing. So, for longest time, I wanted to learn that magic that made all those sad people happy again.


Even today, although I have a more vivid understanding of how this “magic” works, I continue to push toward my aspirations in using this to help others. What better way jump start my career than getting into my dream college? However, in order to accomplish this, I need to first find a preventative measure for an ignorantly named, but deadly disease that is running rampant in High Schools across the nation: Senioritis. While most seniors believe that senior year is no longer important, this is not the case. Colleges expect students to continue taking challenging courses and still maintain the level of academic success that was demonstrated in your application that may have led to your acceptance. If you slack off senior year, even after acceptance, a college may rescind their acceptance. Although I have maintained a high academic standing catching Senioritis can change it all. 

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