Weekends In its 4th year currently, (I’d been missing

Weekends are usually super lazy unless I’m rushing around to get on my ride and hit the road. 17th December 2017 was a special day. A day that gave bikers in entire northern India including me our ‘Sunday Morning Goals!’. The Delhi Biker Fest was scheduled on this day. In its 4th year currently, (I’d been missing it for consecutively 2 years) I got my registration for the fest well in time. On the day of the fest, I was awake early, got ready and reached assembly point way before the meeting time. THAT was the level of my excitement. For the ones who do not know about the Delhi Biker Fest, it is a biker-community fest initiated by various biker clubs and not an event company, with the aim to spend a day with fellow bikers from Delhi and neighbouring areas. It is an amazing platform for biker bros to meet, make new friends and be delighted by some vintage and custom build beauties. A little later than 7, I met the fellow bikers and headed to the venue which was about an hour away. It is impossible to explain in words, the feeling I was filled with, after reaching the venue. We know we were going to have a power packed day with meeting people, watching some inspiring documentaries, attending informative seminars along with other performances, including one with a ‘biker band’ showcasing their music side. There were a couple of games as well as competitions taking place at the venue. One of the biggest event during the day was the Flag Off for the #roadTripUnited, a 9000 km road trip that is organised by xBhp in association with Castrol POWER1 and Michelin tyres. Their tagline “i, the Biker | we, the Power is quite what both the sponsors are, especially Castrol with its POWER1 engine oil. Enjoying some live bands and comedy stand-ups, we siped onto some cups of chai and hogged on the food. We didn’t even realise it was time to head home and end of a memorable day with homies. All of us bid each other goodbye and left for home with a feeling of happiness, we usually get after a successful road trip!Tags: Castrol, castrol power1, castrol engine oil, delhi biker fest,delhi biker fest 2017 , road trip, road trip united,


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