We Palance. I don’t know what Angelina was thinking

We have a great list of Hollywood actresses who had contributed to the film industry with their distinguishable talent. They entertain us by various genres like drama, comedy, thriller, suspense, horror etc. We love and respect their work. But here we are going to discuss top 5 movies starring high-profile actresses who surely want us to ignore their presence in those movies:

1. Leprechaun:

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It was a low-budget horror comedy film directed by Mark Jones. This film was released in 1993 starring our all time favorite actress, Jennifer Aniston. This film was her debut film before she became a star with the great success of her television series “Friends.” This film had bagged some of the serious bad reviews from critics and audiences. Though Jennifer looked damn hot in the film but the movie credit goes to the lead actor, Warwick Davis. This must be one of the bad experiences of her life and she probaby wants her fans to forget her appearance in the movie.

2. Cyborg 2:

Cyborg 2 was a sequel to film “Cyborg” which was not even related to it. It is a science fiction action directed by Michael Schroeder that was released in 1993. This was considered as one of the worst science fiction film with block buster cast like Angelina Jolie, Elias Koteas, Billy Drago, Karen Sheperd and Jack Palance. I don’t know what Angelina was thinking while signing this serious rubbish. I guess she don’t want her fans to even think about her presence in this film.

3. Masters Of The Universe:

This film was again a blunder to the list of science fantasy action films which was directed by Gary Goddard in 1987. This film was a complete bore for science fiction lovers which casts Courteney Cox as a lead actress in the film with stars Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella and Jon Cypher. Courteney Cox is recognized as one of the famous actress in the Hollywood with her role as Monica Geller in the famous television series “Friends.”

4. Children Of The Corn V:

Eva Mendes is now a successful actress and a popular businesswomen who entered in the Hollywood film industry in early 1990s. We know that she is one of the finest actress in our film industry. But when it comes to the movie “Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror” released in 1998 we don’t want see her in the film for sure. This film is in the list one of the worst unrealistic horror film in the American film industry.

5. Dark Tide:

Halle Berry, what an amazing actress who had proved her acting talent by her Oscar award winning role. She is listed among the high-profile Hollywood celebrities who is also one of highest paid actress. Her contribution to the American Film Industry is valuable. She is the only African American actress who had won Academy Award. But she too had a bad experience in the industry. Film “Dark Tide” is the perfect example of her failures that she don’t want to talk about now.


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