We make a group to do our project to finish diploma

We make a group to do our project to finish diploma. our chosen company is Oman National Transport company. we are going to study the local transport that is regarding specialists of Logistics. We will identify the important points of civil transport and stages in mobility and how to operate the transport service inside Muscat, Oman. The system transport or the service transport are very important for civil life and Movement of the city. In recent times traffic has increased a lot on highways and Sub streets, making lot of problems for the people to rush to their destinations, companies destinations and road users. Here are critically review refereed journal articles:
According to (Arrabeh, 2017) The views of the youth about the use of the buses of the National Transport Company of Oman “Transport” in the movement rather than the use of the car; where some went on to prefer to use their cars in all their work, while others expressed their preference for the use of buses, Some prefer not going with bus transportation for reasons that it may can be cause traffic and the bus stops many times in Stations do not follow times lines are as commensurate with dates of some people.
According to (Al-memary, 2017) I am a bus user in general the company provides most of the transportation comforts of air conditioning, comfortable chairs and reasonable transport rate as well as internet service, but on the other hand the reason for the citizen’s reluctance to independence of the company’s buses may come from the belief that these buses were reserved for expatriates only and they are crowded, It is slow and stands at much stations.
According to (Al-Riyam? 2017) I do not use bus transport. I see why many citizens are reluctant to transport the absence of public transport culture in the Sultanate. spread the idea of abandoning the private car in the long corridors and buses “transport” is still few and does not cover most of the sites in the main cities outside Muscat.
Our proposal to promote the Sultanate’s public transportation plan and move it to an advanced stage by facilitating all means of providing excellent services and providing transportation from one place to another with Adaptation Stations, awareness campaigns to educate citizens, and the creation of special routes suitable for public transport should be increased to reduce travel time.


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