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We all know that if you are a business and looking into
social media that it is really important to be on Facebook. What is a less
known social media site that should be used by businesses is LinkedIn. The Marketing
Insider Group stated that “62% of B2B users stated that LinkedIn is the
most effective social media platform for their business.” With so many businesses
working on LinkedIn, it is no surprise that it is the place to be for lead
generation. Read on for 7 effective ways to generate leads
on LinkedIn in 2018.

1. Be a Part of the

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Like many social media platforms, LinkedIn has groups. These
groups are based on different sectors, business types and interests.  This does not mean that you need to join every
group related to your business. Choose around five to begin with. This will
make it easier for you to maintain genuine discussions and bring value to the
group. It is this value that will eventually convert to real leads.

2. Quality Profile

You may have a profile that is complete on LinkedIn, but
does it show the quality you want to represent to potential leads? Does it make
you stand out from the millions of other profiles on LinkedIn?

Profile picture –
This is the first thing that a potential client will see. Does your profile
picture reflect your professionalism or is it reminiscent of a summer holiday?
Ensure that the quality of your photo remains as high as your professional
standards. If you can, look into getting a professional headshot. The key to
this is high quality and a neutral background.

Header image –
Having a header image on your LinkedIn page is a great opportunity to brand
your page and make it your own.

Company description
– be informative and write like a journalist. Have the important information
first as the first two lines will be what your readers see before LinkedIn uses
the ‘read more’ link.

3. Have the Right Connections

LinkedIn begins to connect you with people that you have in
your email list and social media. This does not mean that they are the right
connections for your business. Choose connections that hold titles relevant to
your business or are in the same industry. This will decrease the number of
people who may be interested and moves you closer to genuine leads.

4. Publish relevant

A key to any social media success is to sty relevant. This is
very true of LinkedIn. You will need to work on sharing content and publishing
your own articles that are relevant to your business. If you are a designer you
would share a portfolio of some of your latest work. You would not write an
article reviewing the latest tips on growing a vegetable garden. By sharing and
writing relevant articles you will attract the leads who are interested in
these areas. They are your target market.

5. Use Videos

are the future of content marketing. More people are watching content rather
than reading content. This is important to know so that you are able to make your
content more appealing to your target market through the use of videos. The
more relevant, easy to digest and accessible your content is increases the
chances of greater lead generation.

6. Ask for

When you have worked with a client make sure to ask them for
a recommendation. Businesses are able to find you through a search for specific
skills. Having recommendations are like product reviews. The better the review,
the greater the chance you will get a conversion. Businesses will often review
a LinkedIn profile at some stage in the recruitment process. Recommendations
will help move you to the next stage in that process easier than if there were
no recommendations.

7. LinkedIn Ads

If your budget allows you to use LinkedIn ads
then you can ensure that your content reaches your target market.  Using the advanced options you can focus on s
specific job title or industry. There are even analytics available to help you
when assessing the effectiveness of the ad. The budget controls also allow you
to stick to your budget.


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