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First off, just to get you familiar with what Petscop really is, Petscop is basically a fake game made by a YouTube channel named “Petscop”, in which he uploads Let’s Plays of Petscop, the game he just supposedly found and is playing to show everyone that this game is actually real. He never actually tells his name, but most people suppose him to be Paul as that is what he puts in the game save file. At first glance, the game might seem kind of like Pokemon. You are supposed to capture quirky little things called pets. After further glance, it seems just a little… off. The messages on the signs are strange, the sounds are glitchy and distorted and the game is definitely unfinished. Then, 6 minutes into the first episode of the video, he reveals he found a note with a game that basically tells him a code that says, “I walked downstairs and when I got to the bottom, instead of proceeding, I turned to the right and became a shadow monster man.”  When he does this, the goofy music cuts off and things start to get a bit creepy. Something in the game has changed.

When he leaves the building, he then appears outside a brick building in some dark, weird landscape that looks like a Slenderman game but with no other house and no trees and no… well Slenderman (nuh duh). This is when the fun truly begins. In this world, we watch Paul discover dead children, haunting sprites, pictures being censored for no reason, and a haunted game that has a mind of its own. Unlike other fake Creepypastas, this game is telling you a true story about some of the most haunting depths that humanity has gone to. This story will make you sick, anger you, and leave you cold. On April 18, 2000, Evergreen, CO Candace Tiara Elmore, born into an abusive home was tossed around between different foster homes frequently. Eventually, after being adopted by a female nurse, Jeane Newmaker.

Once she was adopted, her new name became Candace Elisabeth Newmaker. Unfortunately, she was said to have been less than excited with her new mom. She would set fires to the house, assault other students, and destroying property. It is unsure however whether the reports were true as multiple people have said that she was a nice little girl, and couldn’t imagine her doing such things. In attempts to heal their relationship, Jeane Newmaker attends therapy that is said to help adopted children attach to their new parents. As part of this “Attachment Therapy” they were going to do an activity that was supposed to simulate being born. First, they sat her on a table and wrapped a flannel blanket around her. They then put pillows on her and 4 therapists were pushing on her with their full weight, which added up to 673 pounds on her, while her new mother watched from the side the entire time.

Here are excerpts straight from the conversation during this “Attachment Therapy,”, “So little baby, are you ready to be born? If you stay in there you are going to die, and your mommy is going to die.” That is one of the therapists in the room talking to Candace. As Candace is clearly confused about what she should be doing, she asks, “Where am I supposed to come out? Here, where my finger is?” None of the therapists respond. After struggling to get free for 7 whole minutes, Candace cries out, “Who’s sitting on me? I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t breathe please quit pushing on my head I can’t do it!” Still though, they don’t respond. For the next ten minutes she continues to cry for help, for air to breathe. She starts crying and says that she’s going to die.

After 16 entire minutes, Candace still confused and scares trying to escape says, “You want me to die for real? Die right now and go to Heaven?” The therapist responds, still sitting on her, “Go ahead and die right now. For real. For real.” After 20 minutes, after being trapped under the blanket with no air to breathe, she starts to vomit and defecate all over herself. The only other responses she gets is, “Go ahead. Stay in there with poop and vomit.” 40 minutes in, the therapist says, “She gets to be stuck in her own puke and poop! It’s her own life! Quitter! Quitter! Quitter, quitter, quitter, quit, quit, quit, quit! She’s a quitter… this baby doesn’t want to live. She’s a quitter.”

Candace remains silent from then on, but still the torture continues. After 70, excruciating, terrible, horrible minutes, after rapping a 10 year old girl in a flannel blanket with no oxygen they finally release her as the therapist says, “Let’s talk to the twerp.” After seeing her lying on the table without any movement, one of the therapist says, “Oh, there she is; sleeping in her vomit.” Candace had passed out due to the lack of oxygen, her brain dead with her fingers and head blue. She later died that day. The therapists only were sentenced with a 16 year prison sentence for reckless child abuse, of which they only served 7. While the other adults in the room only received minor slaps on the wrists.

This is one of the darkest stories that humankind has gotten to; the sad story of a poor helpless little girl raised in the worst possible situation. Some of the deepest depths humanity has gone to. But, why do I show you this? Well, if you’ve read the first part of this article, then you should know it’s because Petscop is a game about this horrific story. The first and most obvious connection is that the main character in the game is literally called a Newmaker (and seriously, have you heard of another Newmaker? I mean, just saying…). In one of the episodes, Paul meets this thing called “Tool” which answers questions. One of the questions he asked was, ” Who am I?” Tool then answered, “Newmaker,” when Paul asks, “Where am I?” Tool answers, “Under the Newmaker Plane.” That is only the first of many connections we have, though.

In one of the episodes, Paul reads a note that says some pretty disturbing stuff, but what stands out is when it says, “Tiara says young people can be psychologically damaged ‘beyond rebirthing’.” Not only does it mention rebirthing, the procedure Candace went through that caused her death, but Tiara could also be a direct connection to Candace’s original name: Candace Tiara Elmore. It is also further supported by a note saying, “Do you remember being born?” Which is similar to what the therapists said, “So little baby are you ready to be born?” but when you ask the same question to Tool, it responds with, “I’m not Tiara.” Again, showing a connection between birth and Tiara, and the concept that she knows what it means to be born, or being reborn.

It could also connect to her not being Tiara anymore, but being reborn as a Newmaker. Another thing about it is that the note of, “Do you remember being born?” is in the, “Quitter’s Room.” This is obviously a reference to when the therapists repeated, “Quitter, Quitter, Quit, Quit,” over and over again.


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