Wage gap is a struggle across the world

Wage gap is a struggle across the world, every country has it, whether small or large. Throughout all fields of work you can find a pay difference, while the “working class” has a smaller wage gap, the higher up positions, such as CEOs, have a more extreme gap. The wage gap is not fair, and is something that needs to be addressed by everyone. This is a major problem that is not being addressed by many officials and is often just pushed to the side.
It is unfair for a man to get a higher pay if he is doing the same work as a woman. It is 2018, woman should no longer be treated as if they cannot do tasks that males can do. This topic has sparked large controversy, especially in recent years. Women feel as though they should be paid equal if they are doing the same work that men do, whereas men feel as though women receive better benefits than they do. The better benefits that men claim woman receive are often used to justify why they should be paid less. Although equal pay should be provided in all fields of work, men earn more than woman, men dominate the work force and are paid well for their work, but minority groups suffer from wage gap the most.
Minority groups face many struggles across the world, America stands out more profusely among countries. A skin color should not decide how much you get paid for the work you do. It is harder for a person of color, or a woman, to support a family if they do not make enough money. Former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, stated in his State of the Union address that for every one dollar a white man makes, a white woman makes approximately 77 cents, although many people find the number between 74 to 77 cents. Fox News and the Washington Post both have stated in articles that, on average, African-American woman make 64 cents, and Hispanic woman make 54 cents. Women in America, importantly those of color, already face many challenges. To only make roughly half of what a white man makes is unfair, as it is cruel.
In 1921, the Tulsa Race Riot broke out in Oklahoma. Tulsa Race Riot was conducted in anger due to African-Americans participating in the work force. While nowadays there aren’t riots in the streets protesting African-Americans in the workplace, this riot set a base for how they are treated nowadays in the workplace. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbade employers from discriminating against their workers, but not paying equally is indeed very discriminating. Asians and Hispanics suffer alongside African-Americans and white woman. As previously stated in my introductory paragraphs, I have noted how Hispanic woman make 54 cents for every dollar a white man makes. That almost is half of what a white man makes. Following the recent disaster of Hurricane Maria, many Puerto Ricans were left unemployed after the devastation of the territory. Many people were left hungry, homeless, and in need. They currently are struggling to rebuild with a death toll that keeps continuing every day and many people wondering how they will ever pick themselves back up. In the United States, there are many family members of people affected in Puerto Rico. But they cannot send over money because many of them cannot support themselves. The National Partnership for woman and families conducted researched across all the states on what Latinas make compared to what Caucasians make. They concluded that in Oklahoma, Latinas receive $23,987, meanwhile, Non-Hispanic men make $49,334. After paying for rent, cars, groceries, etc… they have practically nothing left.
Quite often we hear about what men in sports will receive for signing a contract with a team or renewing one. Especially during draft season will we see Facebook posts, hear radio talk show hosts discuss this, or even chat with some friends about it. Professional basketball player, Stephen Curry is currently ranked in first place for the highest paid contract, his current contract with the Golden State Warriors for 2019-2020 is $40,231,758. It is estimated that all of Curry’s past, present, and future contracts that he has already signed will add up to approximately $201,158,790, just for playing basketball. The highest paid female basketball player is Nneka Ogwumike, who made only around $100k. They are both playing the same sport, so there should not be a very large extreme with being paid. While one may argue that the NBA is advertised a lot more than the WBA, therefore it is understandable that men make more. But how come men’s sports are advertised more? They are both playing the same exact thing, therefore there should not be that large of a gap. Out of the 100 top paid athletes, Serena Williams is the only woman on that list. Male tennis player, Nick Kyrgios, made $83,650 for winning the Brisbane International. Meanwhile, female tennis player, Julia Goerges, earned $43,000 for winning a very similar event.
Many people dream of being the CEO of a famous company and making millions. But, if you aren’t a white male then it may not be all that it is made out to be. A study by Equilar found that for every 10 CEOs, there are 7 white males, leaving only 3 CEOs to be woman, or any men of color. They also found that in 2015 there were only 21 female CEOs throughout all of America and that the growth per CEO is one woman for every 2 years. Although female CEOs do indeed make a lot more than the average working person in America, it is still completely unfair. They are both running a company, white men shouldn’t dominate in the CEO business. Some may argue that they are simply all just successful, but that would be ludicrous and suggesting that woman or other people of color are not suitable for running a company. While it is difficult to find the average comparison of male to female pay, salaries can be compared. David Zaslav, of Discovery, made $156.1 million. Also, male Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS, made $54.4 million. Combined that is $210 million that two men alone have made. The top 10 list of female CEOs takes the salaries of all woman and add them up which totaled to $204 million. Two male CEOs make more together than ten female CEOs.
There is much controversy surrounding this topic. Critics attempt to justify the page gap by stating that woman do less work, and that woman get better benefits. It is the 21st century, woman can do anything men can do. Gender should not decide if you can do a job. Woman are arguing that they should be able to get equal pay and equal tasks. If a man and woman are both doing the same exact job, and getting the same exact outcome, then why not the same exact pay? It is also argued that woman get better benefits, such as paid maternal leave. While it is true, some woman receive paid maternal leave, they go through a lot. They are most likely not enjoying their time off as they must care for a newborn baby, which may be harder to support with the lower amount of money they make.
To conclude, this essay address why men and women should get paid equally and who suffers the most. Minority groups in America are already facing many hardships, there is no reason why some of them should only get paid half the amount of white males do. Multiple studies have concluded that there are the exact same tasks done by males and females, yet they still experience the wage gap.


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