VPelayo’s man with large, weathered wings stuck in the

VPelayo’s baby was ill due to the stench and it was raining for three days. He was killing the crabs which were inside his house. Suddenly he saw in his courtyard an old man with large, weathered wings stuck in the mud. Elisenda and Pelayo tried to communicate with him but they didn’t understand his language.Then they visit their neighbour women and she tells that he is an angel and must come for their sick child. Then they came to their house Pelayo watches him for the whole afternoon from his kitchen and at night he locked the old man in the chicken coop. However, the baby recovers at night and they decided to let him go but when they came out their courtyard was filled with their neighbour and they were having fun with the angel as people were throwing some eatable things to him. Father Gonzaga arrives their and went into the chicken coop and said good morning to him in Latin but he doesn’t understand the language of God and he came out said to people that he is a devil, not an angel. Before leaving Father Gonzaga promised that he will soon get the reality of the old man from high courts of churches. The old man’s news spread in the city like fire and people start gathering in their courtyard to meet with an angel and Elisenda gets an idea and charged 5 cents to see the angel. Pelayo and Elisenda make enough money to build a new mansion. Besides,  peoples leave from there when the travelling show of the woman who had been changed into a spider for having disobeyed her parents arrives in the city from her they can ask questions also, while these folks lose their interests in the old man.  As time passes, The angel becomes their family member play with the baby as whole family members have no fear from the angel. Elisenda gets irritated when the angel came inside the house. As time passes angel recovers his wings and get healthy, whilst he tries to fly and eventually improves. One day Elisenda was cutting bunches of onions and she saws the angel tries to fly and after many attempts, he was able to fly in the sky and disappears into the horizon.


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