Voltaire had a bad reputation. His father didn’t want

Voltaire was one of the most inspiring and greatest French writers of all time. I will talk about his early life in the first paragraph and then talk about his education, etc.  Then talk about how he was sent to prison, and his famous works and then finally a game we will create about him.He was born in 1964 in Paris, France. Voltaire was the youngest of five children born. When he was 7 years old, his mother passed away, because of that he grew closer to his free-thinking godfather. Abbé de Châteauneuf (Voltaire’s godfather) Introduced him to deism which, is a form of Monotheism in which it is believed that only one god exists but God does not intervene in the world. Voltaire was enrolled in College at “Louis le Grand, in 1704 which was a Jewish secondary school in Paris, where he learned to love literature” (History.com/Staff,2009), social life.At that college, Voltaire received a liberal education and developed his ability as a writer.Voltaire’s father wanted him to study law, but Voltaire had other plans and was determined to become a great poet. His father did not want him to become a writer or a poet because they don’t make a good living so he insisted that he should continue to study law. All his life Voltaire was to exhibit his capacity to make friends among the persuasive. Consequently he was very happy when his guardian, the modern Abbé de Châteauneuf, brought him into the daringly liberal society of the Temple, where he was invited by such “freethinking privileged people as the Duke de Sully”(Pomeau,2017), the Duke de Vendôme, the Prince de Carti, and different people of high rank and also by men of letters. After Voltaire was drawn into the circle by his godfather, his father sent him off to Caen, France. He wanted his son to turn his mind to pursuing law, not literature. Voltaire then fell in love with a French refugee, Catherine Olympe Dunoyer, who wasn’t really educated. Catherine Olympe had no money and her mother was a writer that had a bad reputation. His father didn’t want them getting married so he had a warrant issued by the king which sent people to prison without trial. Before they could catch him for it, she ended the relationship. Then he returned to France, sad and was in trouble again for spending his time writing “libelouspoetry”(Pomeau,2017). Once he returned to Paris he talked to a lawyer. Then in 1717, Voltaire was forced to leave then sent to prison in the “Bastille which was a huge French prison”(Pomeau,2017), because of writings that were offensive to powerful people. He spent almost a year in prison. Voltaire’s time in prison failed to stop him from writing. In 1726, he was forced to flee to England. He returned several years later and continued to write plays. In 1734, his  Philosophiques criticized and established religions and political institutions, and he was forced to flee again.    Voltaire was a creative writer who produced works in almost every literary form which included plays, poetry, novels essays and historical and scientific works. One of Voltaire’s famous work was a book he wrote called Candide which was written in 1759 and published in January 1795. Candide is about a kid who experiences his childhood in the noble’s manor under the guardianship of the researcher Pangloss, who shows him that this world is “the most ideal of all universes.” Candide begins to fall in love with aristocrat’s young daughter, Cunégonde. Instantly after its distribution, the book was generally restricted in light of the fact that it contained religious swearing. And contained “political sedition and intellectual hostility hidden under a thin veil of naïveté.” On “may 18 he got uremia”(Pope, 2017). He suffered a lot of pain and then on May 30 he died in Paris on 1778.


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