VEEK weapon. This murderous weapon that killed Leon Trotsky

VEEK Gowrishankar, Shaun Golemis, Vishnu DachepalliJanuary 31, 2018Russian Revolution – Leon TrotskyELA Block 2Ice ax; a murderous weapon. This murderous weapon that killed Leon Trotsky and buried his controversial life for good. Leon Trotsky was the man of disguise. Not only did he escape from jail and many countries, he also changed his name……Trotsky has a sketchy life, especially considering that he was exiled from Russia three times. In 1879, Leon Trotsky is born as Lev Davidovich Bronstein. His father was a hard-working farmer, so Bronstein knows all about working hard towards a goal (“Leon Trotsky” par 2). While attending school, Bronstein has his first contact with the Russian revolutionary movement. While meeting with the group of revolutionaries, he meets his future wife and becomes highly involved in the group. Soon, Bronstein finds himself drawn towards Marxism after he sees the strikes by the revolutionary group (“Leon Trotsky” pars 2-6). After forming the South Russian Workers’ Union, police spies infiltrate the Union and exile Bronstein to Siberia for four years, where he begins forming his ideas of national coordination and centralized party leadership (“Leon Trotsky” pars 6-7). He writes essays criticizing literary works and develops an organizational scheme that was close to a parallel of that of the Bolsheviks. He soon becomes restless and escapes after four-and-a-half years of prison and exile (“Leon Trotsky” par 8). Bronstein uses a fake passport with the name of Leon Trotsky to find V. I. Lenin and join his people. After many different split ups and getting back together, the 1905 Revolution begins, and Trotsky finds himself in Geneva under the name of Peter Petrovich (“Leon Trotsky” pars 9-12). Soon after, a general strike breaks out in St. Petersburg, and Trotsky is soon exiled to Siberia for life in 1907. He decides to escape, and he and his second wife live in Vienna for seven years. Trotsky tries to gather together all of the dissenters, but it fails after Lenin declines the invitation. With the beginning of World War I, Trotsky leaves for Zurich. The war also draws Trotsky and Lenin back together (“Leon Trotsky” pars 13-15). Trotsky was deported from France after two years, and he went to New York. When news of the Revolution arose, he tried to go back to Russia but was held up in Britain for two months (“Leon Trotsky” par 15). Lenin and Trotsky set up a coup, after which Lenin took over the government, and Trotsky got the position of people’s commissar for foreign affairs. Soon, he became commissar for war, and he rebuilt the Red Army (“Leon Trotsky” 18-20). Trotsky formed an army of above 5 million people using strong-arm methods, which caused him to gain many enemies (“Leon Trotsky” 20-21). In 1924, Lenin dies, and Trotsky fights a hard but losing battle to Stalin, and was exiled Leon Trotsky is considered a very controversial person ofin his time. He is a very influential political leader, first supporting the Bolsheviks. During the start of the Social Democratic Party’s existence, there were arguments about the form and the strategy. Lenin and Martov suggested their ideas for a better government, but Trotsky thought otherwise. Lenin’s ideas of a society is to have professional revolutionaries who would lead the non-party citizens of Russia. Martov’s idea of a society is to have a more democratic organization for supporters.  The idea proposed by Trotsky causes many clashes in the government, and it does not end good for Trotsky. He suggested and tried to restore friendly relations among the two factions. Many Social Democrats sided with Lenin and viewed Trotsky’s neutrality as disloyal. (“Leon Trotsky” par 5). Trotsky’s political view also cause him to be seen as a major threat to Russia. When Tsar Nicholas II got overthrown, Trotsky attempts to come back to his ‘home’. When he got to Russia he quickly states the problems with post- revolutionary Russia. (“Leon Trotsky” par 7). The provisional government is a type of government used while a political change or something of the that sort occurs. Trotsky argues how the provisional government is ineffectual to Russia as a whole. Alexander Kerensky, the new prime minister, viewed Trotsky as a public threat. This got Trotsky arrested and sent to jail. Because Trotsky is admitted into the Bolshevik party, he got released soon after.  (“Leon Trotsky” par 7). Trotsky held many important positions throughout his political career at Russia. He was influential to the Russian society, whether he is viewed as a patriot or traitor. Leon Trotsky’s philosophy of Trotskyism is very similar to Karl Marx’s Marxism, which is very similar to the ideas and structure of Communism, and strongly opposes the ideas of Stalinism. The biggest difference between philosophies based off of Karl Marx’s ideas and Trotskyism is Trotsky’s belief that there needs to be international permanent revolution for a successful country (“Trotskyism” par 1). Permanent revolution is when a country’s revolutionary progress is based on the continuous progress in other countries (“Permanent Revolution” par 1). Trotskyism’s theory of world economy over national economy, criticism of the Communist Party, and denunciation of Stalin’s rule are also some distinct differences from Marxism (Compton’s by Brittanica par 1). The reason for Trotsky’s strong hatred towards Stalinism is because of his rivalry with Stalin during the civil war. Both men attempted to receive powerful government placement. Trotsky, however, was unpopular in his party because of his arrogance, while Stalin was given the role of General Secretary of the party by Lenin (“Stalin versus Trotsky” par 2-3). In later years Trotskyism began to influence the creation of philosophies opposing Communism, especially the Soviet form of it (“Trotskyism” par 1). If it hadn’t been for Trotsky’s creation of Trotskyism, many doctrines opposing Stalinism and the Soviet form of Communism itself may have never been created.


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