Using CMPI analysis helps to clearly show that a

Using CMPI for policy formulation will involve:

§  Engaging
the policy makers to ensure that the dimensions included in the measure are
chosen by the legislators/policy makers and are based on rights of children

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§  Ensure
that cut off points are used to determine depth and severity of poverty
primarily derived from the Constitution and other major social legislations.
This will help to align the poverty measure with the country’s legal framework

§  Ensure
that the methodology highlights the link between poverty, current public
programmes and social policy strategies

§  Estimations
should be done at national and other levels below with regularity to be able to
factor progressive realization and aiming for universal coverage

The CMPI will reveal the contribution of each
indicator to overall poverty levels and allows analysis of poverty among
specific groups of people. Thus more policy-relevant information will be
available to draw up specific polices to improve social cohesion, targeted
services  and coordication and monitoring
of services e.g areas with severe deprivation in water and sanitation require a
different strategy and policy prioritization compared to areas with severe
education deprivation.

The CMPI analysis helps to clearly show that a high
GDP per capita is not necessarily directlky associated with low levels of child
poverty. Likewide, a low GDP per capita is not necessarily associated with high
levels of child poverty, proving thereby that it is critical for social
investments to be complemented with income enhancing policies.


1.     It
allows people experiencing poverty to themselves identify and describe the
multidimensionality of poverty

2.     It
is flexible in terms of choice of indicators, selection of unit and facilitates
easy comparison

3.     It
measures both prevalence and intensity of different dimensions of deprivation

4.     It
shows the differences between poverty in multi dimensions across sectors and
across regions in relation to the time covered in the analysis, revealing


§  Administrative
cost, time and resources are more than what is needed to calculate monetary
poverty. Investments in regular systems of data collection and monitoring could
help address this

§  Cut
off points can be arbitrary this inflating poverty. This can be addressed by
deciding jointly with all stakeholders

§  Dependency
on high quality surveys has its limitations. However, the number of countries
producing such surveys has increased dramatically since the mid-1980s but
surveys remain irregular. One alternative will be to invest heavily on regular
systems of data collection and validation

Previous CMPI exercises reveal that poor people
describe ill-being to include poor health, nutrition and lack of adequate
sanitation and clean water, social exclusion. Low education, bad housing
conditions, violence, shame, disempowerment and much more


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