UoRClassRoom ease.b. If an Instructor/Student is waiting for hosting

UoRClassRoom can be a noble assessment web application, which helps to increase student’s engagement in the classroom and track their performance with good interactive interfaces and analytics.Users1. Instructor2. StudentUoRClassRoom Functional Goals1. The instructor should be able toa. Login/register to the UoRClassRoom for creating assessments, forums, and track student activities.b. Create a classroom and assign a name which can be an open classroom or student ID login room.c. Create an assignment/feedback form to ask students to post their ideas.i. There will be different template’s where the instructor can select the assessment type and question type; multiple choices, match the following, mixed or theoretical based question and post them online.ii. The instructor can also include time, privacy settings; or any other special features that we might think are necessary for future.2. Students should be able toa. Login into the classroom and post their answers/ feedback.b. Post any queries, receive notifications and updates.3. Once the assessment is done, the instructor can assess the results in a graphical way of his/her choice.a. Graphical representation might include pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs, Venn diagrams etc.4. UoRClassRoom can be used by the instructor to track and compare students to assess them.Quality Requirements1. User Friendlya. The users should operate and navigate through UoRClassRoom pages with ease.b. If an Instructor/Student is waiting for hosting or joining a room he should be notified with a spinner to make sure that the process is undergoing in the background.2. Correctnessa. After an instructor hosts a room if the student wants to join that room he should be directed to the room of his intent.b. A Student should see the same questions that the instructor has posted in a particular room.3. Time efficiencya. Once the instructor posts a question/forum the data should be immediately reflected on the student’s side.4. Securitya. UoRClassRoom should be able to protect the application from the external users who seek to gain access to other student’s records.5. Robustnessa. UoRClassRoom should be very robust and handle the unexpected state, whenever the user entered an undefined or unexpected input.


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