Université ZiRaNo Social Media Consultancy Submitted By: Ziad Arnaout


Université Saint Joseph

Institut De Gestion Des Entreprises

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Masters in Informatique aux Appliquée aux

Strategic marketing of services

Final project 

 Create a business website


ZiRaNo Social Media



Submitted By:         Ziad Arnaout


Rasha Sinno


Submitted To:         Dr.
Alfred Riachy


Submission Date:    2018-01-15












We would
like to thank Mr.Alfred Riachy for teaching us this course and extending our
marketing skills. Even though business computing is not directly related to
marketing, this course has added to our skills the ethics in services of
marketing that could be used when producing and selling any software.


Table of Contents
Introduction: 3
Executive Summary: 4
Mission and Business Opportunity: 4
Target Market: 4
Business model and features: 4
Marketing and sales strategies: 5
The competition: 5
Financial Analysis: 5
Owners-Staff: 5
Implementation plan: 6
Future Goals: 6
The business model: 7
What are we selling?. 7
To whom?. 7
How?. 7
Why?. 7
The new idea generation: 7
Development process: 8
Market: 8
Building customer relationship: 8
Service characteristics: 10
Features 11
Chat Support 11
Listening. 11
Recommendations and suggestions 12
Reporting: 12
Email reports 13
Publishing. 13
Analytics and charts 14
Manage your followers 15
More integrations than any other tool 15


Services marketing refers to the marketing
of intangible services against tangible products enhancing the light on the
generation of new ideas that meet the consumer’s needs.

Thinking about marketing, the Social Media
Networks comes to our mind at first. 
Once produced, marketing your product or service on the social media
platforms nowadays, can be very effective for a startup business to expose its
production / creation to the world. Besides, Social media marketing is a
powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and to build a
strong relationship with your existing customers.

Large corporations and business firms can
easily hire a full-time staff coordinator or corresponding agency to run their
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, but smaller businesses frequently
have to manage their own marketing for social media. But, because they have a
great number of other responsibilities, many times business owners of large,
medium or small companies are overwhelmed or too busy to spend a lot of time on
developing their social media approach or even don’t have enough resources to
hire staff or to deal with an agency for managing their social media accounts.

What if
social media marketing becomes a service itself?

Think about it, services marketing includes
Business-to-Business services. So what about creating a new business that
provides easy tools and added-value features for other businesses to improve
their marketing and grow their online community, without spending too much time
or money on the social media?

This is how the idea of “ZiRaNo SRC- Social
Media Consultancy” website came to our minds. Following will be an executive
summary of our service.


and Business Opportunity:

Fill businesses ‘needs of spending less
time and resources on social media marketing.

Provide businesses an easy platform to
manage all their social media accounts from one single platform.


Any business needs to spread its products
and services on social media. Thus, we are targeting all kind of businesses:
solopreneurs, small businesses, growing agencies, large teams.

model and features:

Service will be presented as a website
since we need to connect to the social media platforms on the Internet, in
addition to that we’re focusing on the “process” P of the marketing 7 p’s in
order to provide our clients with the fastest, easiest and smartest way to
manage their social media accounts.

Our goals are to provide our clients with
differentiated features to encourage them on adopting this social media
marketing strategy. Hence, we have added those features to our website:

Publishing posts

Auto posting


Dashboard : Analytics and charts

One common inbox

Manage your followers

Live Chat platform for instant support

Recommendations and suggestions

Audience growth and advertising

We offer different plans, each one with a
combination of some of the above-mentioned features at a given price in US
Dollars prepaid by month or by year. You are free to choose one of those plans
or to customize your own combination of features that will be studied to inform
you about the final fees.

and sales strategies:

Briefly, we are going to create our own
account on our own website and monitor our followers’ activities.  But knowing what our website can do in terms
of growing our presence on the social network we will show our followers (
which are our potential customers ) our social media marketing power in terms
of ads, number of likes, comments… 


What differentiates usfrom other online
social media tools is that in addition of managing your social media accounts
we provide the facility of posts advertisement to your potential clients in
order to grow your audience.  Moreover
you can also submit your own website URL during registration so that we offer
you with a full analysis on how, when and where your website is being visited
and by whom.





Website development paid once


Support staff salary per month


yearly plan


fees per year










Owners:         Ziad
Arnaout – 20 years of experience in Data Analysis and Statistics

Hajallie – 15 years of experience in Software Sales

Rasha Sinno
– 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing

Staff:             5 women and 5
men qualified in marketing tactics, sales techniques and multilingual (English,
Spanish, French, Arabic)

8)   Implementation plan:

We have contacted
three companies to test our service:

          ABC Grand Cinemas

          Massimo Dutti

          Roadster Diner

All of them were
satisfied with our service and are willing to create an account on our
platform. Based on that we are willing to spread the word through social media
about our first three successful achievements.

9)   Future Goals:

·      Sell our service to 500 businesses around the world for the coming year.

·      Add customized and tailored features for our clients

·      Create a mobile app version of the application











The business model:

1)   What are we selling?

We are selling a
service that offers the ability to manage social media accounts: facebook,
twitter, Instagram, google+, linkedIn, youtube, pinterest and business
websites. All from one platform.

2)   To whom?

We are a business-to-business
service and we want to sell our product to all kinds of businesses that owns
social media accounts.

3)   How?

Our service will be
accessible through a website. You will have to create an account, submit your
social media accounts and that is it. Once you have done this, you will have
access to a user-friendly interface in order to manage your accounts, generate
reports, watch your audience growth, publish posts and chat with our team for
any inquiry.

4)   Why?

We noticed that
businesses are often busy in producing, selling, accounting and managing. However,
they are also aware of the importance of social media marketing. Therefore,
they should hire people to take care of their social media accounts and market
their brand or sign a contract with an agency that takes care of those. But what
if a business is out of resources? Should it close its doors on the market
because it has a weak social networks marketing? Of course, not, those
businesses should have the opportunity to connect with businesses like ours. You
can find many platforms to manage your accounts but the service we are offering
is just of another kind.

5)   The new idea generation:

It is true that
there are many platforms to manage your social media accounts but there is no
one that manage your accounts, your website viewers and your online
advertisement. With our service you will be able to manage your accounts, we
will analyze who is your target audience and we will be generating ads to
people to inform them about your brand. Besides, you get daily, weekly, monthly
and yearly reports on your audience growth and your website number of visitors.

6)   Development process:

We came out with the
concept and found a software company that has already developed analytical apps
and marketing apps. First, we have agreed to make a website, if within one year
we achieve the anticipated numbers we will create a native mobile app on both
iOS and android systems to make it easier to our customers.

We decided to pick
a business from three different categories to test our application: clothing
(Massimo dutti), food and beverages (roadster) and entertainment (ABC grand

The development
took a year and the testing took almost six months.

At the end, Massimo
Dutti, Roadster and ABC Grand cinemas were satisfied and they decided to
subscribe to our service.

7)   Market:

There is nothing
better than marketing your brand using your own brand.

Since our service
is a marketing tool itself, we have decided to market our service through ZiRaNo.
The strategy we have followed is:

Start by creating
social media accounts for our  brand.

Follow businesses
from our prospects list.

Use our own service
to make our accounts’ activities very important.

Attract our

Reply by informing
them how our accounts are managed.

Market our brand!


8)   Building customer relationship:

a)    Prospecting

Because our testing implementation succeeded and the variety of our
features fills the gap that businesses are looking for to market their products
and services, we are anticipating on approaching  around 1000 prospects of which 500 will
become customers and register on our website.

b)    Advocating

Not only we
are willing to gain 500 customers, but also we are looking for our customers’
satisfaction mostly and to gain their trust in order to make them our advocate
clients. We are planning to achieve this by adding the “tailor your own
feature” so that our customers will not check out if our competitors are
providing what we are not.

c)    Experiencing

In addition
to all of these integrated features, we are willing to provide you with a
better service and a better experience by launching our mobile version.

Respond to incoming messages from anywhere

There is no
need to keep our customer’s clients and prospects waiting. With ZiRaNo SMC
customers can engage with their audience at any time. Our push notifications
alert our customers of  new messages so
they can respond quickly.

Publish updates on-the-go

posts and photos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. Our customers can
compose and save unfinished posts if they prefer to finish them later or assign
them to their team members to complete.

Act on social listening opportunities while

No need to
miss any beat from now on. We provide a push notifications and email alerts
when people mention our customers brand or talk about keywords they have

Our built-in sentiment analyzer helps to
bring the most important conversations to our customer’s attention by
highlighting the positive and negative mentions.

Keep track of key social metrics from your

can track the effectiveness and engagement levels of their individual posts and
social profiles with insightful reports. Access reports and analytics on the
go, through a mobile app.

9)   Service characteristics:

Product: online social
media and advertising tool, intangible

Price: different plans
available upon customer’s needs

Place: on the web, team
office at Beirut, Lebanon

Promotions: loyalty programs
for clients

People: the front line
support team. They have very good language written and oral language skills.
They master marketing tactics to give you the best recommendations and they are
very helpful.

Physical Evidence:
online, mobile app will be created for better experience

Process:         1) Live posting, fastest data processing
with the newest technologies

2) One easy account managed from one platform instead of 3 or 4 stand-alone
social media accounts.

3) Fast reports generation

Service recovery plans:
      1st degree: One year free

                                         2nd degree: 6 months free

                                         3rd degree: Apologies +
correcting the mistake



1)   Chat Support

ZiRaNo SMC provides
chatting support feature in order to provide real time answers to our customers
and to get nearly instant feedback or notifications when there is a wide-scale
customer-facing problem. For instance, if anything goes wrong, the customer can
easily chat with our expert customer support team and give our customer the
best solution and answers. Real time chatting are not only to build customer’s
confidence but also help us to track the issue from our customers’ perspectives.


ZiRaNo monitors the countless conversations
on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and others to bring its
customers the mentions that matter most. Our Customers can Stay in the know and
always react to comments affecting their brand, industry and competitors. They
will receive alerts via email, Slack or within ZiRaNo account whenever mentions
match our customer’s criteria.

Respond speedily to negative reviews of your

It is crucial to preserve our customers’
online reputation by tracking their customers experiences. Receive alerts for
reviews on Yelp, CitySearch, Glassdoor and others so our customers can act
quickly before issues escalate.

b)    One-stop
social inbox

By using this feature, we provide to our
customer an overview of their important messages that are on multiple social
media, in the news and in comments. This service can easily help our customers
to track what’s being said about him on social networks. ZiRaNo automatic
sentiment analysis can identify mentions that need urgent attention. Under this
service there is a priority inbox that customers can track the most hashtags
used on twitter, Instagram and many other social networks. Also customer can
create a new monitor to track their reputation on social media, our service
provide a chart that contains the positive, negative reputation by every year.

c)    Amaze
customers & prospects with improved social listening

Our customers can receive notifications
whenever their customers mention their brands online. then delight them with a
quick response. Find new leads by setting up keyword searches and be the first
to reach out to them.

and suggestions

a)    Discover
the best content to share

Advanced content recommendation engine to ensure that
our customers are aware of  sharing only
the freshest, most engaging content with their audience. Blogs, articles and
posts are filtered by each customer’s audience concerns and displayed by
category to the customer so that he keeps tracking what his audience is
interested in and chooses one among thos to publish and broadcast.

b)    Relevant
content suggestions

Content curation is made simple with our
recommendation platform. We analyze posts already shared on social media and
suggest content most likely to generate high follower engagement.


What can be more effective than having your yearly
reports generated in just a second?

Customers can customize
their own reports for every account. For example if customers need to know how
many likes, dislikes, shares, views, messages, subscribers they have on
Facebook they can use our report builder to create meaningful and detailed reports
analytics to prove social media ROI success or failure.

With over 250 modules
to play with, our customers get best-in-class social media analytics designed
to impress customer’s clients. Build presentation-ready reports tailored for
each customer’s client with our drag-and-drop report builder.


Email our customer’s insights as a beautiful
print-ready PDF at the click of a button. You can automatically provide regular
updates by sending reports to key stakeholders, team members and clients on a
daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Customers can create a post, edit it and
upload it at the same moment on different channels instead of adding it one by
one to each account.


a)    Enhance
posts with visual content

Increase engagement and truly delight customer’s
audience with visual content. We make it easy for our customers to boost their
social media activity by uploading images or videos as they are composing their

b)    Design
consistently stunning social-ready images with Canva

Customers can create professional looking designs
including Facebook covers, blog post graphics, social media images and much
more. We pull our customers designs directly into the compose box, ready for

c)    Save
time & schedule ahead

Customers can easily distribute messages to
all of their social networks and mailing lists. Schedule social media posts,
images and videos individually or in bulk as far in advance as they need.

d)    Auto
– post with automated queues

Customers can set their best-performing content on
repeat to keep their social media profiles active. Group their social media
messages and release them at optimal times throughout the week with Smart

e)    Publish
content at optimal times

Our customers can evaluate the
effectiveness of every piece of social networks to distribute and identify the
best publishing times. Quickly spot the messages resonating with the audience
to reach the most people.

f)     Visualize
content on a shared publishing calendar

Our interactive calendar gives our customers a comprehensive
overview of social media publishing activity across their team. They can easily
rearrange their campaigns with our drag-and-drop interface. They can pick up
any date and get an overview of messages, comments and feedbacks of every follower.

and charts

a)    Powerful social media reporting is one click away

This feature provide our customers to get generated
in-depth analytics and charts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,
Google+ Analytics and more. Our dashboard hub gives our customers nine
ready-to-go social media reports for an instant snapshot of our customer’s
social data.

Turn social activity into business with our engagement
report. Gain insight into customer’s audience, post engagements, posts and
mentions across all channels to manage easily spot trends

b)    Gain
deeper insights into your social data

Understand what makes our customer’s audience tick to
boost engagement. Identify optimal post times, our customers most engaged
social followers as well as our customers top performing posts to create even
more engaging content in the future.

c)    Quantify
cross-channel impact with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is at the foundation of ZiRaNo SMC,
enabling our customers to track the effect of our customer’s social media and
email campaigns have on visits, page views, content popularity and geographical

d)    Stay
one step ahead of your rivals

By using ZiRaNo you will understand the
social media landscape industry by monitoring hashtags, relevant keywords and
your competitors’ activities. You can stay on top of trends and be the first to
engage with prospects.

your followers

This option gives our customers the
opportunity to create customized list of followers according to what they like
and what they are most interested in. In addition to that, it gives them the
ability to categorize followers who have the most important engagement with
their pages or the followers that have the biggest number of fans to spread
their products and services. You can build profitable relationships with
prospects on social media by targeting specific interests and needs by using
our social CRM to manage and nurture leads with the help of our built-in email
marketing tools.

integrations than any other tool

Customers can Connect to just about any social network
including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and more.
Even online advertising will be sent automatically to customer’s prospects,
which have been discovered while analyzing customer’s accounts ‘activities and
followers. More over customers can view how many visitors are visiting their
own website and keep tracking their audience growth.


Finally, the concept of creating a service
that offers easy marketing and advertising tool for businesses can solve a
major problem for those in terms of time management and resources. We are
willing to provide the best solutions and support to our customers. Our main
goal is to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. The above features are
the current available features on our website, but once we achieve our first
goal we will add many other features and create a mobile app to make our
customers more and more satisfied.











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