Turning off appliances when not in use to save electricity

Turning off appliances when not in use to save electricity. I replace all my old
home appliances with energy efficient ones.
? Recycle glass, plastic, paper and aluminium. I use refillable water bottles and
coffee cups and use reusable cloth bags instead of plastic.
? Shower instead of bath to safe water and take shorter showers.
? Receive no paper bank statements and pay my bills online. It helps to safe our
? To help reduce the global deaths and traffic accidents, I don’t drink and drive and
don’t text while driving.
? To help the consumption and production goal I plan my meals and use a
shopping list. I freeze my leftovers if I don’t have the chance to eat them, before
they go bad.
? I try to donate when I don’t use, example, clothes, books and food. By donating
I also contribute to other goals aiming towards no poverty and zero hunger.
? By reducing inequalities, I try not to be judgemental to differences like,
disabilities, race or religion. I accept people differences and learn from them.
? I am trying to grow my own vegetables to help reduce my carbon footprint and
reduce negative environmental impacts.
? If possible, I try to make use of public transport once or twice a week to reduce
transportation cost as well as well as reduce carbon emissions from my car.


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