Trenbolone, shrinking his testicles. To test the hypothesis, two

Trenbolone, an esterified form of
testosterone, caused Frank’s testicles to shrink because the steroid trenbolone
produces three times the effects of testosterone, making the body appear larger
and performing certain roles of the testosterone, yet lacking the actual
testosterone needed for the body to properly function. Since the testosterone
was replaced by the trenbolone, sperm production decreased, shrinking his

To test the hypothesis, two males, both 20
years old and of the same build and weight, will be given the same workout to
complete for a month, along with the same meal plan. One male will be given trenbolone
and the other will male will not be given any steroid. Throughout the month,
every seven days, both males will take their measurements of body fat, muscle,
hair growth, weight and circumference of certain areas such as biceps and
thighs. Following the end of the month, each male will also take a blood test
to analyze the levels of testosterone in their bodies. The blood test will reveal
GnRH, LH, and FSH levels.

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To counteract the trenbolone acetate,
which limits the release of LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating
hormone) the users can inject themselves with human chorionic gonadotropin,
which has a similar structure to LH and FSH. This treatment may work because
since there is no testosterone activating the receptors to release the
hormones, chemically injecting them would allow for the hormones to pass
through the body and function as if they were released naturally. With the manual
injection of the hormones, it may supply the needed amount to offset the side
effects since the hormones that testosterone help release that were missing,
are not present.

men who have gone through testicular cancer and have had one of their testicles
to be surgically removed, the remaining testicle will increase, almost twice as
large. The increase in growth of the testicle is due to the remaining testicles
trying to compensate and function as if there were still both. Since the
testicle is trying to compensate for both, it results in the over-production of
sperm, testosterone, and male hormones. The brain, specifically the pituitary
gland which releases the hormones such as LH, testosterone and FSH, asks for
more production from the singular testicle. 


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