To of new features available in the updated technologies

To tackle
new data formats ad application requirements the systems are re-build from the scratch
to convert backend from SQL to NoSQL. Eventhough   re-building
can be used to avoid historical errors and re-design the system which provides
optimized system with enhancements of new features available in the updated
technologies , many SQL technologies needs to be rebuild all over again.


This product
is all about using SQL with all the features of NoSQL. The significant
difference between NoSQL and SQL is the profound implication. If we can enhance
the features of NoSQL in SQL database with minor kernel changes , we can
deliver the product without much re-engineering work. The time taken for
learning new technologies and implementing respective backend technology for
the current system can be reduced if we can achieve NoSQL database enhancements
using SQL.

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systems provided by Microsoft takes SQL database as input and internally
represent data structures of JSON documents and graph. The NoSQL systems are,

·       JSON Server

·       GraphView

These are middleware
that bridge the complexity gap between SQL and NoSQL by resembling physical
data representation and run time behaviour of NoSQL. This provides the freedom
to use the  current system with the
enhancements of new technology which results in performance optimization.


JSON Server

A library
that connects SQL database, stores JSON document in tables and using JSON query
language data is retrived. SQL Server and MariaDB are supported as underdyling
database. Query languages supported are MongoDB query language, Azure DocumentDB
language and JSON Server’s own query language. JSON server is a middleware that
takes JSON documents as input and convert them into SQL tables in underlying
system. NoSQL Queries  are taken as input
and mapped to SQL quries.

 GraphView :

GraphView is middle ware that creates conventional SQL
databases from graph database.SQL server and Azure SQL database are used to manage
graphs.It takes graph as input and converts them to SQL tables and it queries
graph through SQL-extended language.Syntax similar to SQL INSERT/DELETE can be
used.It is taken as special connector for SQL server and Azure SQL
database.There will be no difference between default SQL connector and
GraphView except that it accepts graph-oriented statements. 


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