To focus more on the weapon

To focus more on the weapon, Mjolnir possess capabilities that are impossible and some plausible. According to Marvel Wiki regarding information on the abilities of the hammer, it can “…fly through the air at tremendous speeds…” This, in the comics, let Thor fly at “… the speed of sound, roughly 770 miles per hour…” (Marvel Wiki). In science today, the fastest man-made object is NASA’s Juno spacecraft. According to NASA, the maximum speed predicted for this craft is 164, 700 miles per hour, or otherwise 0.1056 miles per second. This far succeeds the hammer’s estimated travel time with an object, which helps support the probability of the hammer’s capabilities. But another issue appears with this: how can a hammer fly? There are many possible theories to how this would work, but one done by explains how momentum comes into play. Many scientists were concerned about how Thor uses his hammer to fly in the comics is “… a violation of the principle of conservation of momentum and breaks the laws of physics…” (Science Made Simple). This author then goes into discussing how Mjolnir can change its mass from graviton particles. These particles allow the gravitational forces to move back and forth so that Thor is able to pick up the hammer (Science Made Simple). Within the same theory, once Thor throws his hammer, “…the mass increases thus drastically increasing the momentum…” This obeys the law of momentum as according to an academic paper by California State University stating, ” If you increase either mass or velocity, the momentum of the object increases proportionally.” With the principles of the conservation of momentum, it has to follow Newton’s 3rd law, that there is an equal and opposite reaction to any action (CSUN). As proposed, when Thor throws his hammer, the mass of the hammer increases created the reaction of an increased speed (Science Made Simple). The will then assume that the net change would be zero in the aspects of momentum, but these principles only follow if there is no friction. In the real world and the aspects of this hammer, there will always be friction. Overall, Mjolnir could possibly be made to travel at high speeds and be able to transport Thor. The only problems include the conservation of momentum, friction, and the fact that it has mystical properties that let the hammer fly.
To move further on, another issue to discuss on the hammer is its weight. The comics proposed that it was made in the heart of the dying star. Though many interpreted it as it was made of the dying star creating confusion and controversy. (Science Made Simple). Later on, renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson calculated that “… the weight of Thor’s hammer at 4.5 quadrillion pounds…” in order to be made of the dying Neutron star (CBR).


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