To create Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media

To promote my business Nailchanics, I would need to create
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media accounts and offer
discounts.  It would help boost
sales.  Furthermore, have an option to
allow online scheduling with the social media accounts.  This allows customers to conveniently
purchase services without having to leave the page. 

Promote referral program

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referral program is only effective if customers know about it. I would promote
on the social media pages, website, business cards, and in the lobby of
the business. Mention it every time a customer checks out.


Offer unique services

Stand out from the
competitors by offering services they do not offer. Research trends to see what
is hot or updated in the industries.  For example, hybrid nail color is very popular and for lube service keep up with the
technologies, but I need to know what’s coming next to keep up with my


Traditional media

the business by advertising in the newspapers, magazines, electronic media –
radio and televisions, and outdoor media such as banner or billboard
advertisements.  Each of these ideas
provide ways to reach out to consumers with advertisements.



Have the
business be part of volunteer program by doing volunteer work at non-profit

provide free services to those in need. Ex – women or mothers of domestic
violence living in shelters.  This would
help spread the word of the business.  It
may help increase revenue by referrals.


Run Charitable Drive

example – a diaper drive for each customer that brings in a box of diapers,
they would get a discount on any service.


Offer daily deals

up with another website such as Groupon that can promote the offer on my
business behalf.  The discount will be
higher then the normal discount because customers will pay for the deal on the
spot and if the customers are satisfied with the services then they may return
or refer their friends and family.


Mobile App for the business

Some of
the benefits include in-app booking, push notifications and loyalty
programs.  Apps are another way to
increase customer loyalty without having to spend high dollars on producing
loyalty cards.


The goals of advertising are the

increase sales by
telling potential customers about the products or services

remind existing
customers about the business

change people’s
attitudes and perceptions of the business

help to create or
develop a distinctive brand for the business to help stand out from the

make the business
first choice for customers, ahead of the competitors

prompt specific action – perhaps getting
customers to visit the business or website, or use a discount voucher by a
specified time



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