Tiger WoMuch of today’s society seems obsessed on what actors/actress

Tiger WoMuch of today’s society seems obsessed on what actors/actress, athletes, and music artist are wearing, eating, who they are marrying, dating, where they are vacationing, what affairs they are having or have had, and how they live their everyday lives. What’s so interesting about this obsession is as a society we are implacable and often place celebrities on a pedestal, only to destroy them when they are illusive or promiscuous. Media outlets are swift to report when celebrities are in trouble but quickly forget all their accomplishments. It’s as if we want them to be perfect but once they are ods, Shaquille O’Neil, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Barack and Michelle Obama, Chris Brown, and the King siblings are just examples of how we build these people up only to tear down all of their accomplishments when they do not meet our expectations. Tiger has been in the media every day, but not for being the best athlete of the decade. His affairs, mistresses and the fact he made millions
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