Throughout why people tend to stick with major languages

 Throughout time we have seen many languages die, most of whom haven’t don’t directly affect us, but then most people would ask why would we spend precious time and resources trying to preserve a language that is on the verge of  extinctions? This is a very interesting questions and one that I will be discussing in three different paragraphs, the first covering why it is important to preserve language, the second will cover why people tend to stick with major languages in the third we will compare and contrast both. But before discussing about the knowledge questions, I would like to tell you exactly what language is and what it means. Language isn’t just a complex way of communicating, it’s the history of entire cultures, people can learn a lot from a culture just by looking at how it’s written.  One of the first things we should understand is that as language is a part of culture, it means that it is part of history and so a part of humanity, I believe when it comes to such thing, even though we have no relation to such language or culture, it is important as human being to preserve the language and the culture, because it is indirectly part of us, by losing such culture or such language ,we lose of our part history and if we don’t really care for other we are also losing a part of our humanity. A great example of how language is based of a people’s culture is the chinese language, in my opinion chinese is one the most beautiful languages, not because it sounds nice, but because the way they write their language is some ways drawings of the word actually means for them, and for this reason I find the chinese language beautiful. To also prove my point on why a language is part of our history, we only have to look at people today, no matter if they want to preserve dying language or not, we do not see the creations of any new languages, and why is that might you ask, well that is because no matter who we are we are preserving our own language, because it is a part of us and our history. This is why I feel personally sad that the latin language died of, because besides being the language of christianity for a long time and the language of one of the greatest civilizations known to mankind it was also the language that gave birth to many of the major languages today like, english, french, spanish, italian etc…  This why it is in our best interest to preserve language.  But is it really that important to preserve these languages? Because of globalizations our world has been more connected together as one species that any other time in human history and most people nowadays would think that it would be more beneficial to learn a major languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, chinese and other european languages then minority ones. This is because many people want have a successful life. For example in the world of business knowing more languages will allow you to conduct business with more people, generating more profit. And well, most business does occur in western countries, the GCC and in china, so this would make these languages more attractive to foreigners then let us say a small tribal language in The congo. Besides everything mentioned above, according to Psychologists speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several mental benefits. I am going to give you an example of why its not in people best interest to learn minor languages “If you think about it, what benefit would I get if I learn a minor language from a small tribe, I am neither affected by their history or there culture and there is no benefit from learning their language, but let say I learn chinese I can expand my company to china and create more profit hire more workers, and this is beneficial to me”. So due to the points mentioned above most people would learn a major language and so overtime minority languages will disappear.  There is no right or wrong side in this argument and in the end it comes down to what a person wants to do, we can’t force others to do something they don’t want to do, so if a person wants to only learn major languages we cannot tell him to help preserve minority languages because he doesn’t want to because of the points mentioned above and same goes for the ones who want learn minority languages alive, both sides have flaws and good points while trying to preserve a language is a very good thing, learning such languages take time and effort which some people have none of due to externalities, while learning majorities can benefit you, it comes a great cost of possibly a culture dying.  To conclude I believe that it is sad to lose a language, a culture, a part of human history, and I believe that all of humanity needs to work together to keep such languages alive because anything, not matter how small can have a huge impact on a society. Now it is important to consider the other part of the argument, logically why would anyone want to learn anything or try anything if it doesn’t benefit them, it is basic human nature to do the best thing in our interest but in the end I will still stand strong next to my point and I firmly believe, that even though it might not seem like it is more beneficial to learn a dying language, keeping a part of human history alive brings more value then money will ever bring.         


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