Throughout pressure to succeed, the loss of loved ones,

Throughout the 21st century we are seeing the rise of Teenage Suicide and suicidal behavior amongst our youth. This increasing issue is most commonly seen between the ages 10-24 and is rising to staggering rates. Another issue with the rapid expansion of suicide is how it is not being properly dealt with by parents and school officials. With younger children, suicide attempts are often impulsive. They tend to be associated with feelings of sudden sadness, confusion, anger issues, or problems with attention such as ADD and ADHD. Among teenagers, these suicide attempts tend to be associated with feeling such as self doubt, stress, financial uncertainty, pressure to succeed, the loss of loved ones, and overall stress. For some teens, suicide appears to be a final solution to their ongoing problems as they are beginning to enter the stressful transition to adulthood. Parents must become aware of these signs and attempt to approach their child about it to reassure them that suicide is not the answer. When it comes to teenage suicide, society has not properly dealt with this issue and is too lax with how it has dramatically affected the young American demographic. Suicide is also a growing problem for the past few decades. However, we can see during the past decade that suicide rates are rapidly increasing and especially amongst our youth. “In 2016, 73 Missouri teenagers from 10- to 19-years-old killed themselves — the most on record, according to a Star analysis of state data.” (Montgomery). As we see from Rick Montgomery’s report from the Kansas Star, the suicide numbers in 2016 were absurdly high. Over the decades,number of reported suicides by teenagers has been climbing across the state. Before the year 2016, the next highest recorded spike in suicides was reported to be in 1987. During 1987, there were 66 reported teenager suicides. When analyzing teenagers and their mental health, studies show a rather high percentage of teenagers who have been having these unhealthy suicidal thoughts. 16 percent of the surveyed individuals had serious intentions on suicide followed with another 13 percent creating a plan to execute and finally 8 percent reported committing the act trying to take their own life. At least 150,000 individuals aged 10 to 24 year-olds each year have to be treated in emergency departments for self inflicted injuries. Suicide is a matter that must be taken more seriously by not only the government and schools but


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