This plant improvement and variety selection technologies. With the

This unique master program helps me to understand the importance of plant breeding in food security that is required to find sustainable solutions to satisfy human food needs and ecosystem integrity and improves my analytical skills and critical thinking, because of which I can develop strategies in future that will be productive and profitable, conserve the natural base, protect the environment, and enhance plant health and safety measure. This programme improves my skills in conventional breeding practices, application of biotechnology in plant improvement and variety selection technologies. With the help of this course, I will be exposed to institutions involved in plant improvement and therefore have an exposure to challenges and opportunities in plant improvement. The graduate is expected to have the capacity to develop plant improvement plans for plants of economic importance.

By the end of the course, I will be in a position to develop preferable plant varieties that satisfy human needs, design breeding programmes of plants of economic importance, select appropriate strategies for improving plants of economic importance, apply appropriate advanced plant breeding technologies, select appropriate seed production systems and technologies and recommend appropriate mitigating strategies to the challenges of sustainability of Plant improvement. With the help of this program, I will gain strong scientific knowledge in various fields of Plant Genetics and associated Biotechnologies. With the help of this knowledge, I can use Marker-assisted selection and genome selection in the breeding of new varieties which decrease the time required for breeding new varieties and increases the accuracy. This master programme helps me to attain a prospective career in agriculture and it builds a pathway to reach my goals as a scientist to solve the problems of adverse effect on plant growth and development.

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