This maintenance of a ship (Wang & Syntetos, 2011).

Research focuses on a
feasibility analysis which is carried out to select the most appropriate
location in Sri Lanka to place a vessel spare-parts DC, with the intention of
serving the passing vessel traffic. Majority of the spares are needed during the voyage
either for routine or urgent maintenance of a ship (Wang & Syntetos, 2011). The required equipment are supplied following
the concept of “in-transit”
which depicts the process of supplying the spares which are destined to go on
board a foreign flag vessel and are just transiting the country where they
arrive as freight and depart for the utilization of the end user(“Phoenix ECTS Limited | Ships Spare Parts,” 2015). The highest marine traffic in South Asia bypasses
the Dondra Head of Sri Lanka because any vessel which enters to the Red or
Mediterranean Sea usually navigates through this particular sea route (De Silva, n.d.).

strategic location of Sri Lanka enables vessel owners to acquire the most
critical amenity, obtaining
ship spares which helps to maintain a smooth flow of navigation resulting a
seamless voyage. This is the point where Ship Supply Services approach
into the scenario supporting to carry out the operations in an efficient
manner, serving the surging demand of the vessels which are sailing in the
international waters. Difficulties
arising in forecasting demand for the spares due to its intermittent nature and
the restrictions of volume, weight, cost etc. in storing them on board (Jiang & Kong, 2011) derive the fact of the importance of locating a DC as the proficiency
that links the urgent needs of the customers with their suppliers ensuring the availability
of the requested items at the right time (Chen, 2001). The research mainly aims to evaluate the
factors related with enhancing the logistics performance of the above mentioned
process by selecting a suitable DC location to store vessel spare-parts, primarily
addressing the issue of the deficiency in available proper-functioning DCs in
Sri Lanka.

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