This is most suitable for them to complete their

January has seen a monumental change for PwC Singapore. Beyond a change in
address, the firm has introduced activity based working (ABW). The premise is
to provide people with choices when it comes to their settings for a variety of
workplace activities. Instead of being bound to a desk or cubicle, ABW seeks to
encourage people to physically move and locate themselves where it is most
suitable for them to complete their work. For this to succeed, the need for
these spaces to be conducive and varied is important – ranging from private,
focused work, to impromptu and informal meetings, or more formal presentations.


these changes did not come without a few technological upgrades. For example,
how do you locate colleagues who now have no fixed desks? Simple – you use our
internal app that helps you find them. Through the same app, you can also book
meeting rooms, purchase items from the in-house café and even check if certain
workstations are free for use. There are also digital walls that staff and
visitors can easily peruse for news, and save relevant articles to read later. The
world is getting more digital, and as a firm, we’re implementing incremental
change. But the digital revolution has launched a new era of human empowerment
and engagement across businesses. Soon, we’ll need to evolve from incremental
change to being more disruptive and embrace more transformative changes. There has
never been a more powerful influence on human behavior than digital
technologies; it is dramatically changing our leadership and the way we

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Digital Everything,

technology needs to be embedded into everything. The use of tech should be pervasive
to enhance the experience for clients, and the way we work together as a firm.
We need to:

Engage in different ways

Discuss and collaborate differently

Promote a culture of innovation

can start by back casting instead of forecasting. The past tech trends and the
present are clear; what we need to ask ourselves is where do we want to be in 3
years? Do we want be seen in Singapore as the leading firm in digital services?
In order to be distinctive and to help clients, and we need to identify this
point, do it fast and work towards it.


What Keeps CEOs Up
at Night

It comes as no surprise then that the challenges
accompanying technological developments such as cyber-security and the speed of
technological change are a major concern, as uncovered in our Global CEO survey.
This is closely followed by the lack of digital talent to help drive and manage
these changes.  Technology, according to
Moore’s Law, is doubling every two years, but the human capability to keep
pace, is not. Yet despite a heightened awareness that new technology (such as AI)
is a reality and no longer science fiction, there is still a high level of digital
denial among businesses.


“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into
action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack Welch

What’s Your Gameplan?

To maintain a competitive edge, businesses need to
foster an environment where technology can thrive. And this can only happen through
education and encouraging an open mindset to such technologies. Change is
scary, which is why many of us are still introducing it incrementally. It’s
clear though that the digital era waits for no one, and it’s time to pick up
the pace. For us at the firm, we’re fostering an open culture that rethinks
possibilities, and we advocate this to our clients. While some businesses may
not take this transformational journey and leap into the beyond, those who do
will find a disruptive, hyper-connected world that is ripe with opportunities.
New territory is always unchartered and uncertain, but glory goes to the
pioneers who dare, and PwC would like to invite you to take that step with us.


PwC is
open for business at Marina One. More information can be found here:

#PwCopen #PwCproud

open, always on.



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