This Clean Water Act. They were charged with unloading

This case begins with the science
supervisor at wastewatertreatment plant in the city, Richard Madison. Since
early 1990, Madison noted that there were some manipulate from Best, Stanton
and Freed, but he told Carson and the mayor after more than a year. At the city
meeting and disclosethe names These three high-level officials. this the
meeting was to discuss the management problems in wastewater treatment. Madison
accused the three of manipulating the results and reports of the wastewater
samples, which are tested according to biochemical oxygen demand standards for
the disposal of wastewater in the river. During the meeting, it was confirmed
that a number of students had been brought in to look into and verify the
validity of Madison’s statement about his accusation and to ensure that the
actual tampering with the test results reports was done on the samples. Also
Madison accused them of using high pressure hoses to discharge the sewage
sludge directly in the river. Madison also accused them of using high pressure
hoses to drain sludge directly into the river. Madison also reported his doubts
about Carson but Carson took no action. On 29 August 1991, the mayor of Carson
issued false information about the plant. Madison also said he was threatened
by the best, Staunton and Freed. After that, Golden announced that Madison had
suspended indefinitely. In order to restore public confidence. After several
inquiries and examination to arrange sample reports, the mayor’s committee
announced that it found evidence of tampering with samples and sludge discharge
in the river. One worker saw that he saw a little Best mixing with tap water.
His position was bad and accused the US Attorney’s Office Best, Staunton and Freed
Pitt are the four who violate the Clean Water Act. They were charged with
unloading at least 14 tons of sludge in the river and submitting incomplete and
inaccurate test reports. In the end, the city agreed to pay legal fees to
Staunton and Freed, and paid Info service for the best fees.








and Discussion:

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At first, a meeting was held to discuss the managers’ problems at
the plant. Madison accused Best, Staunton and Freed of tampering with samples
being tested by federal environmental officials for draining treated water in
the river. The problem was exacerbated not only by manipulating results and
samples, but by increasing Madison’s accusation of using high pressure hoses to
drain sewer sludge directly into the river. All these charges were mere doubts
that were heard on Madison’s mind and reported but he made no direct decisions
against these suspicions. He has no qualms about his doubts, and has no clues
about these doubts but wants to report them and think deeply about them.Instead,
after the appointment of a new mayor, Carson fired false information about the
factory that had no source, while Golden, the factory’s managing director, used
the factory workers for his own political activities as a member of the city
council. There are also numerous complaints against Madison concerning his
unfair and unfair treatment of workers, as well as the reappointment of three
workers in other jobs. There was another problem After threatening both Best, Staunton
and Freed Madison. After Golden bring a test company to test the samples
tested, Madison was suspended indefinitely, and in order to restore public
confidence, Beast will leave the factory in mid-February. After the tests and
careful examination of the samples being tested, the mayor’s committee
announced that it had found evidence of tampering with the samples and sludge
discharge in the river, and one of the workers testified that he saw Best
mixing a sample with tap water. After 1992, this committee called Madison, and
declared that the reason for his behavior was very bad. Madison tried to save
the city by shooting only because he discovered what was happening in the city
to deny the charge. In July 1992, US Attorney General Best, Staunton and Freed
accused four counts of violating the Clean Water Act and were charged with
unloading at least 14 tons of sludge in the river. And provide inaccurate,
inaccurate and credible test reports. The city then paid the legal fees to Staunton
and Freed, and paid Enviroservices for the best fees.


These decisions were strongly criticized
Golden blamed the city council and defended the decision of Madison disposal.
After finishing these problems, Madison sent over 600 CVs, and attend around to
a 25 job interview but was unable to find a job as a result of destroying his
reputation in the circles of the problems for which he was responsible. In
March, a jury found that Madison had been released and that he received $
1,638,000 in compensation.


Through my
analysis and discussion of the issue After everything that happened, Madison,
the operations supervisor at the sewage treatment plant, was the first to blame
for what happened as a result of his initial accusation of Best, Staunton and
Freed. They tampered with the specimens being tested for the discharge of
treated water in the river. These problems are further compounded by Madison’s
once again accusing them of using high pressure hoses to sow sewage sludge directly
into the river. The basis of these problems is not based on reliable evidence,
but rather Madison’s doubts about these three.The delay of Madison for about a
year and a half in reporting the misconduct because he is silent on the matter,
he may want to ascertain the events that occurred, but the duration of the year
and a half unreasonable time make Madison away from disclosing what happened in
the reports of samples and these actions contradict Laws and ethics of work
because the silence can cause many damage for a year and a half.Whatever the
motives of Madison delay in the detection of manipulation does not justify the
delay for a year and a half because in this long period it is possible to occur
a lot of events resulting from silence, and this is contrary to the Labor Code
is considered involved in the manipulation of samples with both the Best and
Staunton and freed.


One of
Madison’s main problems was that he had many complaints about his unfair and
unfair treatment of workers and the appointment of three staff members to other
jobs. In particular, the attempt by Madison to save the city by shooting a fire
in order to detect what is happening in the city to deny the charge.


The problems
were that both the Best and Staunton were responsible for their explicit threat
to Madison after the events. It was also best to mix a sample with tap water
after the worker’s testimony about what he saw Best. This behavior is very
dangerous and contravenes the general laws of treated wastewater and can pose
many risks and environmental problems. They were charged with four counts of
violating the Clean Water Act because they dumped at least 14 tons of sludge in
the river, manipulated sample reports, and altered the results, so as not to
expose their dangerous manipulation of the river water.But it is not ethical to
pay fees and acquittal Best than the charges against him because he caused many
of the damage that can be found in the entire city by putting him to samples of
sludge in tap water and this is considered dangerous behavior and cause
long-term damage, each of the best Weston and Freed They must be punished for
what they have done.


From these
characters Carson had released false information about the factory while using
the golden management counselorthe workers at the factory working for his
personal support of his political position, both of which were both misguided
and severely questioned as acts detrimental to the public welfare of the city
and the people.


As the issue
addressed him several problems, by taking many measures to solve these
problems, it was not at first that the problems confined to the doubts of
Madison offered and not supported by reliable evidence, and that the city
council in their meeting to discuss the problems of management, Madison to take
careful and accurate measures by searching for these uncertainties and
monitoring the conditions of officials, tests and results of the samples. As
well as by following the works in the factory continuously, to avoid problems.
The step of bringing a company to review the results of samples tested in
sewage disposal was a good step to detect any manipulation, but it could have
been brought at different intervals to ensure the validity and reliability of
reports on these samples, to avoid any doubts or disadvantages of doing water
treatment and disposal.


After the
decision to appoint a new mayor, the past of the new president must be considered
and the appointment of this person should be considered in accordance with the
precise criteria for selection. After Carson was appointed mayor and it turned
out that he had released false information about the plant. The concerned
persons in the city council must take the necessary measures to remedy these
positions by issuing statements about the correctness of the information and
correcting it around the factory in order not to lose the plant’s public


constant monitoring and scrutiny by a committee that should be set up to
monitor business, the problem of Madison’s misgivings and the problem of unfair
and bad dealings with workers in the factory could be put to a firm stand to
ensure the rights of these workers. And to prevent officials from mistreating
workers in violation of moral and human rights standards.


The violations:

violations he mentioned in August 21, 1991 similar to the evidence found
mayor’s committee in February 1992 and July, 1992 by U.S. Attorney’s Office,
but he should not mentioned to accused’s names, so I suspected that he has
personal issues with these people which he accused them in the meeting without
providing any evidence of their charged, so I think that his motive was
affecting of whistle-blowing. He met the fourth and fifth canon of the ASCE and
BSE code of ethics which states:

shall act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful
agents or trustees, shall avoid conflicts of interest and shall not breach confidentiality.


shall build their professional reputation on the merit of their competencies
and services and shall not compete unfairly with others.

Madison followed the wrong way to
tell about the crime. There are another alternative courses of action, which is
supposed to tell Carson instantly and if he found Carson not taking any action
he should complain to city Mayor, and he should not mentioned the accused’s
names without evident. The pros of these actions is ethically wright, so if Madison
do that nobody could complain against him.

accused Best, Stanton and Freed without any clear evidence and this was
unethical act. He was should report the crime without mention their names and
wait the results of the tests. Madison was putting himself and his colleagues
in charged position.

Best was acquitted of the charges.
There was less evidence against him than against the others, and Enviroservices
putted to him a clever lawyer that had
strong connections in society.

Stanton and
Freed are done unethical violations, and that dissent with first canon of the ASCE and BSE code of ethics which states:

Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and
welfare of the public in the performance of their professional duties.




To conclude, my final opinion is
that if Madison had good behavior, there were no charges against him. Stanton and Freed were
unethically and the punishment was fair to them. There are ethics and rules
that we must follow it at our careers to create a clean working environment,
and the employees shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the
public in the performance of their professional duties.


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