This and informative model. Applied research permits researched based

        This article discusses in detail the influence
of research and development from commercial development. The change of
globalization has had an effect on customers’ needs, which the reason many
businesses around the world depends on research and development to improve
their services and/or products. Research and development are necessary because
it offers organizations with competitive advantages over their competitors.
This article studied the control of research and development on economic growth
in 15 MENA countries. The review of the literature as it relates to research and
development are considered a creation of technology. Research and development
are gaining knowledge on how to develop the living standard in these MENA
counties. Fundamental R is used to outlay the investigation of goods. In
order to generate the details, there must be universal laws put in places such
as diagrams and informative model. Applied research permits researched based
ideas. These ideas are often secret and in most cases patented. Experimental
R includes efficient work on the research gained from the applied
research which would include new products and services. Investments and
innovations are critical in terms of research and development. Investments
include the contribution of study by putting products and services in place to
develop productivity. Innovation introduces the new product on the market.
Research and development are in the course of achievement from capabilities. The
main objective of this article is to acknowledge the reason why research and
development are important for growth in MENA countries. An empirical study is
the landscape of R and rely on the idea of endogenous growth in MENA
countries. (Amor , 2015)

        This article contributes to the
contemporary thinking of research by acknowledging that research is an
investment. Research and development currently are required for the growth of
any organization. The action of R are necessary for the reality of
confident qualifications which may governor the tools of research. Innovation
also is an important piece of research and development because it allows the
researchers be creative, and to improve products. Innovations of the goods are
used to produce new goods or services on the market. The main objective of
innovation is to offer shoppers a good or service that will service their
needs. The article points out three levels of innovations according to the
article. The system of the innovating the organization, the middle situation,
and the overall situation regarding the general pieces, which aligns with
innovation are all levels of innovations. (Amor & Zina, 2015)

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      The article illustrates the importance of
using research to make decisions by using different model rundowns to determine
what decision is to be made. The outlined research from this article is
considered a transformed linear log function. 
The model offers graphical pictures of different variables, which
includes logarithm of gross domestic products, labor, capital and research and
development from the different countries.  This information outlines where the gross
domestic product is changing suggestively which is shown on the graph an upward
position. The article also illustrates research by unit root tests which
includes different tables such as Pedroni’s test, correlation matrix, and
variance – covariance matrix. The effect of research and development differs with
the internal spending of R&D of each country. In closing, from all the test
performed it was determined small additional growth was shown. The end outcomes
from this research concluded that the importance of the research and
development in the stimulation of growth. Technological improvements was very
important to determine the economic growth for the countries that did the most
research and development in the form of spending.  The article also discuss the importance of
gaining knowledge, and supports innovations especially for developed nations. (
Amor & Zina, 2015)

                The information in this article
applies to my field by using the experimental research and development method
approach. The experimental R&D is similar to what we are already doing such
as gathering knowledge and research from credible sources and applying it to
our systems. For example, on our agency for a year have been researching a
curriculum tool that would best fit our program needs. The agency invested time
and money on the products for a tryout. The overall outcome was great. The
teachers work load became much easier, and the student’s assessments are now
accurate. Applied research permits ideas to be expressed throughout the
workplace. On my job we use this approach already when we are trying to create
ways to better serve our families and the communities. We conduct surveys, face
to face interviews, and research the area to see what type of training we may
offer our parents. While conducting our recent research we discovered a lot of
families need help with resume writing. The agency and other workers in the
community offered a resume writing training along with fashion show on how to
dress for a job interview. Innovation is also useful in my line of work. The agency
where I currently work for requires a large amount of paperwork. Each quarter members
of the management team meet together to brainstorm ideas on creating forms. The
management team collects research, and input from the employees they oversee on
which form would be best to use. The management team votes on which form would
be useful and easy to use.

              In my opinion the article was
very informative.  The article capture
the timeline of the record of the important theoretical research and experiential
results which confirmed the significance of research and development within an organization.
My favorite part reading in the article was the section experimental development
and the three forms of research and development. The information on the three
level of innovation was very useful, and reminded me of research and development
we conduct at my workplace. In closing, although the article was very informative
the article repeated a lot of information and was really long.


Amor, L. B., & Zina,
N.B. (2015). The impact of research and development (R) on economic

        growth. The case of the MENA countries.
International Journal of Information, Business

Management, 7(3), 51-70. Retrieved January 27, 2018 from http://libraryreasources.



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