Think of a moment

Think of a moment, when you’re walking, on your way to college, and all of a sudden, an unseen car starts approaching. You get nervous but don’t do anything. The driver then rolls down the window, and asks if you would like a ride, you hesitate, but end up saying yes and you ask the driver the drop you off. The driver says he has to run a few errands and then he’ll drop you off. After a few minutes, you realize the car is not driving in the right direction, you feel really uncomfortable, sweat streaming down your face, and then you suddenly hear a gunshot “BOOM” you feel a peice of ice cold metal hitting the back of your head. You feel a flash of pain running through your blood…it goes all black and cold, you’re gone. After a few years of crying, and investigation your family find out who your killer is..Ted Bundy.

Theodore Bundy was known as the attractive devil, he was a charm covered demon. He was born on the 24th of November, 1946. He’s known for being a serial killer, rapist and a necrophiliac. 1989, was the year he was executed in Florida’s electric chair.

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To this day, the amount of crimes Ted committed is still unknown to this day, but is estimated to be around 30 or over. All of Ted’s victims were females, with long hair, parted in the middle.Ted usually abducted girls from public places, pretending to be an authority figure, or even using “good looks” to charm women. Ted received his death sentence in 1980, for raping, murdering and dumping Kimberly Leach’s body (Kimberly was 12 at the time. During his years in jail, he became infamous and loved by many, he escaped for the first time in June 1977, he escaped by jumping out of the courtroom window, but got recaptured after a week. He also escaped by acquiring a hacksaw, and sawing through the weld holding, he escaped by dieting and losing weight to fit through the hole.

There are many reasons that led Ted to kill and rape, for example, his childhood confusion about his mother and father’s’ whereabouts, he was also diagnosed as a manic depressive, and lastly his grandfather was a tyrannical bully, all of these reasons had a huge impact on Ted’s life and led him to commit many crimes.


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