‘Things they want and minimize the wastage. Yes, I

‘Things that are running smoothly should not be subject to any
control. If you commit yourself to just finding and fixing problems, you’ll be
able to carry out effective control (within an
organisation) with fewer personnel’ (Minoura, 2003).

Discuss what the above
statement means and whether you agree with it.

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statement means that an organization running its business or production
smoothly should develop a technique by which they can effectively minimize the
risk of going something wrong, by doing so organization can control its
production in more effective way with less number of personnel and produce the
products in the way they want and minimize the wastage.

I am agree with above statement by developing such a technique organization
actually can reduce wastage and utilize its resources in an effective way. The
above statement can be linked with Just in time (JIT) techniques which aim basically
on reducing production process.

Describe how an
organisation that you have experience of, or have researched, has benefitted
from just-in-time (JIT) techniques and with special reference to inventory


Just In Time – Just in time
techniques originally developed in Japan. Just in time are techniques which
basically aims at reducing time cycle in production process i.e. flow of
product from supplier to production stage and production stage to consumer.

There are various organizations
which have been benefitted by the JIT techniques one of them is “Toyota”.
Toyota has developed its own production system based on JIT techniques and lean
manufacturing called as TPS (Thinking Production System). According to Teruyuki
Minoura (Ex CEO of Toyota Motor Manufacturing) TPS developed on trial and error
approach at solving issues and meeting needs of company. It was time when JIT
emerged. Just in Time simply all about producing what’s needed and transferring
only what’s needed.




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