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There are two different perspectives about the family which are family-decline perspective and family-change perspective. Some people think the family situation is decline right now because of people postponing marriage, cohabiting without marriage or having children without marriage and so on. Due to culture change, excessive individualism brings high rates of divorce. They think the family is not in a good place and need to be changed. But there are people with the different opinion, they think the family changes but not decline. They do not ignore those facts which family-decline perspective brings. But they think its ok that people not live like they used to be and it’s just a normal cycle because people are not always live in the same family structure (Perspective Family Change Perspective VS The Family Decline Perspective, 2012). The rate of divorce means that people have the choice to avoid domestic violence. In the text book, there is the functional definition of family. It points about three functions about a family, which are 1) the responsibility of raising children, 2) the ability to provide economic or other practical support, 3) the source of providing emotional security (Lamanna., M., 2018). The basic function of the family does not change or decline during these years. It is just having more different types of family. During the 1950s, most of the family structure is the extended family and the nuclear family. Nowadays, there is no typical family so it has a new name called postmodern family. For example, single-parent families, gay or lesbian marriages, and couples live together without marriage, etc. (Lamanna., M., 2018). It just changes the way what family should look like but not the basic function. I have a friend who is from a single-parent family. She lives with her mother since her parents divorced. She told me that she feels no different from other people because her mother loves her so much and give her everything she needs. So for her, it is definitely a family even without father lives together. So I think for the family in American society today, it is not a family decline but a family change. It changes how a family looks like but not the inside. 


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