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There has been a lot of questions cropping up about the weight loss product known as Thrive Patch. This article will give a detailed overview over what the product is, what it does, its ingredients, how it works and the side effects of the product. In short this article is about Thrive Patch Review. What is Thrive Patch And What does It Do?Thrive patch is a weight loss reduction patch that utilizes the Derma Fusion Technology (DMT) to control your weight, boost your body metabolism and to banish your appetite. The main ingredient used in the manufacture of the Thrive Patch is the Forslean which promises to ensure that your body has a lean appearance with a fat-less body that most people crave for.Le-Vel, the people’s movement that are creating products to suit wellness, health and weight management are the minds behind the Thrive Patch product which claims to perform the following functions on your body. – Control your appetite by reducing it. – Boosting your mental acuity – Offering nutritional support to your body – Managing your weight – Maintaining proper circulation and energy support.Since the inception of Le-Vel on September 2012, It has had a short period in the global market as it tries to compete with bigger weight loss supplement companies. Nonetheless, despite its infancy stages, it was given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)There has been a lot of customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau which in total added up to be 152 customer complaints. This brings up the question as to why the BBB gave it an A+ rating.To break down the suspicion complaints, a scientific study was carried out between two groups of people. The study proved that the main ingredient Coleus Forskohlii (Forslean) had no significant weight loss promotion benefits.How Does The Thrive Patch Work?First step is to ensure the place you are going to insert it (your upper arm) is clean and free of any pathology. Secondly, just like an Elastoplast, pick the Thrive Patch from the box and peel of the external non-stick layer which will leave you with a sticky patch. Stick that patch firmly but gently on your upper arm just an inch from your shoulder. It is recommended to be left on the arm for a 24 hour period before replacing it the next day. Ingredients Contained In The Thrive Patch Weight Loss Product1. Coleus Forskolii (Forslean)2. Garcinia Cambogia3. Green Coffee Extract4. CoQ 105. White Willow Bark6. Satiereal Saffion Extract 7. Green Tea Extract 8. Cayenne Pepper 9. CosmoperineDo The Ingredients Work As The Product Claims?At the beginning of the article, we ruled our Coleus Forskolii as an ingredient poised to promote weight loss. A research just disapproved it. What about the remaining ingredients? Garcinia Cambogia is one of the main ingredients in the Thrive Patch product. Scientific research shows it can promote weight loss but for a short term basis. Green tea extract has shown to have effects on weight management by promoting loss of fat, in the long run, promoting weight loss. However, even with a higher dose of this product, it still have very minimal effects on weight loss.Cosmoperine also called tetrahydropiperine improves skin’s ability to absorb substances administered using the transdermal routes. White willow bark acts as an anti inflammatory agent which has analgesic properties. What is this DermaFusion Technology (DFT)? This is an enhanced transdermal method of substance delivery in the body through the skin which enables the substances avoid the first pass metabolism. When a substances does not undergo through the first pass metabolism (through the mouth, liver), it tends to have a higher bio-availability on the site of action.This means that the Thrive Patch utilizes the DFT technology which makes it possible to deliver adequate amounts of its ingredients in the body. There are various reasons that affect the delivery of substance through this mode of administration. They include:- – The Body temperature – The higher temperature leads to and increase in the delivery rate . – The Skin Type – For dry, flaky, cracked and oily skin, the effectiveness of the patch will be eroded but when the skin is healthy looking and normal, the effectiveness is enhanced. – The amount of body fat contained under the skin. The higher the amount of body fat under the skin, the higher the chances of the patch not achieving its role. – The general placement of the patch. Since it is placed by the individual, some may place it inappropriately such that its effectiveness is weakened. What Are The Thrive Patch Side Effects? There are usually no pronounced Thrive Patch side effects with the ingredients but the placement patch has some. They include: – Irritation of the skin at the sticker area – Itchy Skin – Discoloration of the skin layer – Muscle Cramps – Hot Flashes So, Does This Li-Vel Product Thrive Patch Work? The product contains most of the natural ingredients in its constitution but some of the things that makes it absurd, are the negative consumer complaints. Another thing is that two of its main ingredients were found not as effective as claimed for promoting weight loss.On our humble review, it is good to use a product which has been backed by clinical research. It is also recommended that a good weight loss supplement provider should put its clients satisfaction first of all their needs to suit their existence in the market. One of the best supplements that has clinically proven ingredients for weight loss is the BurnHD. It has four main ingredients backed and supported fully by clinical research. It helps burn excess fat, boost general metabolism and banish hunger. It also has great customer reviews which are pleasing and encouraging.


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