There are many ways to receive a story in the modern time

There are many ways to receive a story in the modern time. Books have been a major source for stories, but movies are quickly becoming more popular and can deliver the same story as books. So why do some people prefer to read books and some to watch movies? Reading books and watching a movie have many things in common but what makes readers more loyal to reading?
Reading books and watching a movie have several similarities, but one of the most noticeable similarity would be they both can give the audience the same feeling. A reader may feel sad in the same way an audience may feel sad after watching a movie. This is because of the themes and the characters in the story. For example, the fault in our stars is a romantic no matter if it is read from the book or watched from the movie. Books and movies must have a beginning, rising actions, climax, falling actions and end. The story will be formed in the same structure regardless to if it is a book or movie. Another similarity is that reading and watching a movie are both forms of escapism. Both reading and watching a movie will grab the attention of the mind and distract it from what is going on in reality. The writing in a book can make your mind imagine everything that is happening and a movie can show you what is happening
Besides the similarities there are also a few differences. By reading a book the reader is open to imagination, books only show words so the images of the story are imagined by the reader. On the other hand movies give you a particular image that the audience follows, the audience receives these images by seeing and hearing. The audience is limited to the story, they have to follow what is being shown and there isn’t much room for creativity. Different readers may image the story differently response may be different from another reader while the audience can only agree with the movie.


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