There are many cultures in the world and Francophone is one of them that include Asia

There are many cultures in the world and Francophone is one of them that include Asia, Africa, the Middle East and more. French speaking can be found throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and most of them are located in the eastern and western and they have French language in common mostly in the historical and economic factors that make them quite separate from one another.
France (La Toussaint)
Firstly, there is a Day in France is locally known as “Toussaint” which is the contraction of “Tous les Saint” which means “All the Saints” in English. This day is celebrated in autumn on the November 1st. All Saints day is a catholic tradition of honoring the dead and all saints in heaven. Member of a family usually gather to go to the cemetery together. They put chrysanthemum flowers on the grave and light candles to symbolize happiness in the afterlife. It is a day for prayer and remembering. Toussaint is a very important moment for families. They can spend a day together in a respectful atmosphere which generally excludes usual family fights even though regrets and sorrow can be a source of tension. Toussaint is an opportunity to strengthen family links spending a nice day together or expressing common grief. (Pierre)
Fete National (Quebec)
Saint-Jean-Baptiste-Day is officially known in Quebec as Fete National that is celebrated on June 24th. It is the feast day of the nativity of Saint John the Baptist. The tradition started in Canada with the first French colonists on the banks of the St. Lawrence River with bonfire celebrations and cannon shots. An important tradition of this holiday is the parades that occur, with allegorical floats introduced in 1874. In 1908, Pope Pius X decaled Saint-Jean-Baptiste the patron saint of all French Canadians, making his feast day a significant event to the people of Quebec.
This day is celebrated many ways. With parades to commemorate Saint John the Baptiste, concerts. Picnics and fireworks displays. It is seen as a time to celebrate with family and friends. The Fluers-de-lis is an important symbol of this holiday since it is of religious background it symbolizes the purity of the Virgin Mary.

Boganda Day (Central African Republic)
Boganda Day is a public holiday in the francophone Central African Republic, which is celebrated on Mach 29th. It is the death anniversary of Barthelemy Boganda the first prime minister. This day is in remembrance of the life and death of Boganda. Boganda who grew up in Oubangui-Chari and became the first prime mininter of Central African Republic who is considered the hero and father of his nation. His parents died when he was a child. . Then he got adopted and raised by Roman Catholic missionaries and that’s when he became the first Roman Catholic priest in Oubangui-Chari. After He ran for National Assembly of France and spent his life fighting for racial equality and established the movement for the Social Evolution of Black Africa. He died in a plane crash in 1959. Boganda was an influential man on the culture and Developed of the Central African Republic. He was regarded as a national hero this day is set to remember all that he has done for them. (Boganday Day)

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