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There are two different point of views regarding the topic of buyer decision process. In one hand, humans have been presented to us in different literature books as rational creatures. According to Boddy & Armstrong and Kotler (2017) people purchase products through product value analysis as an approach to reduce costs. They look for the best quality and the lowest prices, they pay attention to cost-benefits analysis and evaluate different alternatives. On the other hand, there is also the belief that consumers behave irrationally. This view does not completely contradict the first one as it does not deny the presence of reasons in our decision-making process. However, it does add that emotions are a more powerful influencer. Ariely (2009) humans do not have the ability to make good decisions because we are emotional, easily confused and distracted.Antonio Damasio (2000) is a neuroscientist that performed an experiment to prove the theory that human beings are influenced by their emotional state when making choices. The participants in the experiment were patients suffering from brain lesions, a disease that makes them incapable of engaging emotions, but their intellectual abilities were not affected by it. These participants were given the task to take different decisions. The results showed that they had a weakened ability of choosing. Most of their work was either not completed or had to be corrected. The theory also states that we are unconscious of the effect of our emotions. Raghunathan conducted an experiment where people were shown a picture of a nice-looking chicken and a thin one (Wenger, 2010). He told one group that the plump chicken was natural and the thin one genetically engineered, but he told the second group the opposite. He also told them that the natural one is healthier but less tasty. When they had to pick between them, both groups chose the plump chicken, but they gave different reasons. The first one said they pay more attention to health than taste and the second group said the opposite. This experiment showed that people give logical reasons to emotional decisions.Both these experiments show that even though we are not conscious about it, emotions have a huge impact in decision making.


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